PS3: Delete Browser Cookies and Cache

If you are experiencing problems with your Internet Browser on your PS3, clearing the Cookies and the Cache is the first step in trying to fix the problem. Users have reported problems downloading system updates. The following steps usually help the problem.

1. From the XMB menu, select Network.

2. Select Internet Browser.

3. After the Internet Browser appears press the Triangle button.

4. Select Tools on the Options menu.

5. Select Delete Cookies or Delete Cache then select Yes to confirm.


  1. nismo says

    “does anybody know how to erase predictive text entry”

    @the-strangeness401: you can delete them if you go to:
    XMB | Settings | System Settings | Delete Predictive Text Dictionary.

    I think it’s all or nothing though, hth

  2. Anders says

    Will delete of browser Cookies and Cache help on a game error that have accured in Red Dead Redemption, Platform PS3 ? Rockstar have informed me that it will help for Xbox360 to “Clear System Cache” , but in their answer they forgot that my platform is PS3. Im still waiting an answer from them.
    What will happen to game-save-progress when you delete browser Cookies and Cache on PS3 ?

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