PowerPoint 2013: Automatically Advance Slides During Presentation

Want to automatically advance the slides during your presentation in PowerPoint 2013 or 2010? You can using these steps.

  1. Open the presentation file you wish to automate, then select “Home” then click somewhere in the left “Slides” pane.
  2. Select the individual slide you would like to advance automatically. If you want to advance all of the slides after the same amount of time, select one slide in the left pane, then press “Ctrl” + “A” to highlight all slides
  3. Select the “Transitions” tab.
  4. Over to the left in the “Advance Slide” area, check the “After” check box, then set the amount of time that should elapse before PowerPoint advances to the next slide.

Powerpoint advance slide

Now your slides should change to the next one automatically. You can test the functionality by going to “View” > “Reading View


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