PowerPoint 2010/2007: Import Slides From Another Presentation File

How to easily import slides from another presentation in PowerPoint 2010 or 2007.

1. Open PowerPoint and the file you wish to import slides into.

2. Click the Home menu.

3. Click New Slide > Reuse Slides…

Select Reuse Slides

4. The Reuse Slides options will appear on the right side. Click Browse… > Browse File…
Browse for the file

5. Navigate to the file that you wish to import slides from. Select it and click Open.

Select the file

6. Locate the slide(s) you wish to import. Double-click on it to import it.

Select the slide(s) you wish to import.


  1. Janelle says

    Hi anyone… HELP!
    As I wasn’t able to have a combo of landscape and portrait slides in the 1 presentation… I now have 2 presentations… 1 landscape with 48 slides and 1 portrait with 24 slides that I want to link into 1 presentation. I have used the help tool and tried a few different ways… nothing is working. Can you help… anyone please email me… cheers! :-)

  2. Joanne Pearson says

    Why was this feature “hidden”? It should be on the tool bar as it is more useful than importing pictures, clip art, shapes or a chart….took me awhile to find the process but it works and now I am teaching colleagues how to import slides.
    Thanks for the great “help” tool!

  3. Margaret says

    Thank you for your excellent guide, but Microsoft what a pain! I have a Powerpoint file with 28 slides I need to insert in a new Powerpoint presentation!!

  4. Catherine MacAdam says

    Thank you, with a couple of hours to go and 2 presentations to merge, you made it so easy!!!

  5. Louis says

    Excellent! Working in PP 2007 and stuck on a quick way to get slides from another job. The Microsoft help of course was useless but came across this gem which otherwise I might not have found. The other thing is that this method allows you to compare two sets of slides fow whatever reason. I could not find a way of displaying two versions of PP for comparison or dragging across so this was a great help. As far as I could see you could edit the files you moved across. Many thanks.

  6. KnightShade says

    Unfortunately, this does not import the formatting or animations of the slides. If you are doing a very straightforward presentation this method works great. If you have need for something more impressive and interesting, this is not the way to go.

  7. Alan says

    To import an old slide “as is” into a PPT with a different format, try this:


    2. After selecting a PPT source file to import from (“Insert slide from”), a new “Keep source formatting” check box should appear at the bottom of the “Reuse Slides” window pane. Check box to import slide “as is”.

    3. When this box is left unchecked (default setting), the imported slide will change to the format of the newer PPT.

  8. Humphrey says

    There is a simple way to add slides from a pptx file although this is not suggested by MS help. Open the file A you are working on. Then open the file B which contains the slides you want to add. Change the view for both files to slide sorter. Select the slides in file B that you want to add. Click on copy. Then put the cursor in the slide sorter view of file A and click on paste.

  9. Char says

    Yes, actually everytime I try to insert slides and keep formatting, power point goes into “not responding”. What a pain. PP 2003 was so much easier.

  10. Jo says

    Thanks for this – left tomorrows presentation to the last minute (again!) Needed to incorporate someone elses uncovered points from last week and didnt fancy rewriting every slide. Save me lots of time :-)

  11. JoAnn says

    When I import the slides the text is really big and I have to reformat the entire slide. Is anyone else having this problem or how did you solve it without reformatting?

  12. Vicky-Jean Beach says

    You Can Import all slides at once. If you select the first slide and right click and then select ‘Insert All slides’ it will import all slides.
    Where I’m having issue is in Office 03 when you imported the slides it would pick up the theme from the destination powerpoint. I’m not able to do this in 2007.
    If I select the slide and then select Layout it will then change it but that happens one slide at a time.
    Does anyone know how to do this in one motion?

  13. Simon says

    Actually I am having a strange problem…
    in your last point:

    “Locate the slide(s) you wish to import. Double-click on it to import it”

    This would me eminente sence however…
    All I need to do is click on them once import the slide. So… I can’t import a subset of the slids; Consequently, I can only import one slide at a time or all of them at once!

    I guess Micro$oft messed up once AGAIN!!
    In doubt I actually changed from my touchpad mouse to an usb mouse but, nothing changed!!!

    any thoughts?

  14. Lisa says

    I agree – this was dumb on MS’s part. Our decks often have 60 slides – need a way to import groups at once. One at a time is not only slow, but more error prone. You might pick the same slide twice, or skip one, because it’s tedious and you lose track.

  15. Import ALL slides? says

    This explains how to import 1 slide at a time. Where is Import all slides from file at the same time without having to do a File Open; select all slides; return to other window; and paste all slides.
    If you want to import 50 slides, this method takes forever. What was Microsoft thinking?

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