PowerPoint 2010/2007: Automatically Advance Slides During Presentation

Want to automate all of the slides in PowerPoint 2010 or 2007? Here’s how.

1.  Click Home then click somewhere in the left Slides pane.

2. Hold down Ctrl and press the A key. All of the slides should show as highlighted on in the pane.

Slides pane

3. Click the Animations tab. Over to the left you can select Automatically After and set time you wish to display each slide.

Animations tab

Now your slides should change to the next one automatically.


  1. Jack says

    I have inserted a transition sound so that when you advance a slide a chime rings. Works fine but no success with trying to get the slides to chime when they are advancing automatically. Using PowerPoint 2008. Any way to do that?


  2. Cal says

    I had trouble getting slides to advance throught my presentation, and the problem was with my sound file; when your sound file is inserted click on the speaker symbol (drag it into the border of the screen) and look up above the task bar for the sound tools pull down menu. Select play sounds across slides and it should work! Good luck!

  3. Micky Tostevin says

    Hello I know this string is a little old but I wonder if you can help?

    I have a narration recorded as a wav file and have laid it up on 35 slides with transitions, set it to play across all slides and to start 1 sec after the start of the show.

    So Far so good, i have entered all the times of the slide transitions and within each slide I have the animation timingd and durations set.

    I have timed the narration track so the slide changes are in the right place. when i run the slide show skide one comes up, the narration plays, the animations animate….it transitions to slide two, the narration continues, the animation animates…it passes the time it should transition to slide three and four and nothing happens, the narration continues to run but the slides don’t advance.\i am sure that it is something I am doing wronfg but have checked the presentation over about a million times (well at least it seems like that) all to no avail.

    Can you help a muppet with a problem?

    Many Thanks MickyT

  4. Dill Pickle says

    Mine didn’t work until I checked off the box for use slide timings under the Slide Show tab. Hope that helps!

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