Outlook 2013 & 2010: Export All Contacts to vCard Files

Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2010 doesn’t provide an easy way to export all of your Contacts to vCard files at once. Fortunately there is a little trick I’ve learned that will accomplish this task.

  1. Create an email message in Outlook.
  2. Select “Attach Item” > “Business Card” > “Other Business Cards…“.
    Other business cards option
  3. Hold down “Shift” or “CTRL” and click the contacts you wish to include in the export. Click “OK” when finished.
    Insert business cards into email
  4. Create a folder on your Desktop to hold your vCard files.
  5. In the “Attached” section of the fake email you created, you will have a bunch of files with an extension of VCF. You can highlight all of these files and drag them to the folder on your Desktop.¬†You will now have a folder filled with your previous contacts in VCF or vCard format.
    Drag VCF files from email

Alternately you can email them to yourself if you wish to move them to another computer. Neat trick isn’t it? Maybe some day Microsoft will include an easier way to do this.


  1. Phil says

    Thanks very much for the procedure and the trick with the CMD:
    Copy *.vcf AllContact.vcf

    Have a nice day,

  2. Sunil says

    Paul: vcf files are plain text files. You can use a Copy command to at the CMD prompt to this with the source being *.vcf and the destination being any file, say mergedvcf.vcf. Good luck!

  3. Paul Jennings says

    Hi Mitch…Brilliant solution, but I want to import this file (with multiple vcf files in) to my Android Smartphone as 1 vcf file.The folder that holds ALL the files does not have a vcf suffix – how can I acomplish this plse?

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