Outlook 2013/2010: Connect to Gmail

Today, my project was getting Outlook 2013 or 2010 configured to work with my Gmail account. Here are the steps I took.

1. Login to Gmail.

2. Select Settings Gear at the top right corner of the page and select Settings.


3. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

4. Select Enable IMAP.

Gmail POP Settings

5. Select any other options as desired and click Save Changes when you are done.

Now for the steps in Microsoft Outlook.

1. Click the File.

2. At the top where it says Account Information, click the dropdown menu.

3. Select Add Account…

Outlook 2010 Add Account button

4. Fill in the name as you would like it to appear in your email messages, your Gmail address, and the password to your Gmail account. Click Next when you’re done.

Outlook 2010 IMAP Gmail settings

5. It will communicate with the Google Mail server. This may take a few minutes.

Outlook 2010 IMAP Gmail communication

6. You should be successfully connected and your Gmail will now work through Outlook. Click Finish to start using it.

Outlook 2010 IMAP Gmail is setup


  1. muhammad ismail says

    It also works in outlook 2010. Because I have tested now email are syncing. Thanks for the tip dear @ ismail

  2. Chenita says

    I love this! Thanks so much easier than other instructions I’ve read. I was just wondering if i follow both these instructions and these others i’ve read that are differnt will they duplicate the emails?

  3. Tom F says

    When email gets transferred from my Gmail account to my Outlook 2010 account the email in Gmail that has been transferred is deleted. Can’t find settings in outlook to stop these deletions in Gmail.

  4. Larry says

    That’s part of my problem: synch does not complete. In fact, it doesn’t happen at all. When I open Outlook, I get the “Send/Receive” progress bar at the bottom of the page. That lasts for about 10 seconds, then nothing. No matter how long I wait, nothing else happens. I’ve left Outlook open for hours and there is no synchronizing going on. Granted, when I send a message, it shows up in my Sent Mail folder in Gmail, but I don’t receive any incoming messages. I have tried multiple times, deleting my profile and re-adding it, trying different settings in Gmail, etc, but nothing works.

  5. Efrat Nakash says

    When synch is completed, you will have two separate inboxes for Gmail and Outlook (maybe you will want to create a rule in Outlook to forward Gmail Inbox to Outlook Inbox).

    The system synchronizes everything you have in all Gmail folders (5GB?), and it takes time. Just wait for synch to complete.

  6. Brett says

    Same problem here. Says it connected, but nothing shows up in the inbox. I can send fine, but not mapping to Google for email/Calendar/contacts/etc.

  7. M Dolores Harper Morgan says

    I just deleted some mail and would like to get it back. Please help me get it back. Thanks Dolores

  8. Larry says

    I’ve tried this several times. The auto-configuration for IMAP completes without a hitch and the Send\Receive progress bar shows that it is running. But nothing is getting downloaded to my Inbox.

  9. Augie says

    Does anyone know how to re-forward gmail messages into Outlook? I recently fried my laptop and have set up my gmail accounts on my new laptop in Outlook 2010. Everything is fine but I can only bring in new messages from my gmail inbox that have arrived since I set up the Outlook account. All the messages in my gmail that were there prior to this don’t come in. I’m hoping there’s a way to get them all back into my new .pst file.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. jorge caseiro says

    Been there, done that, but… it doesnt work.
    Everything was working perfectly until I diceded to change my password. From that day on, it no longer worked. I have deleted the email account in Outlook, created a new one, tried all those steps, tried a manual configuration with Outlook 2007 definitions, but nothing seems to work

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