Outlook 2010: Set Email Signature

Put an email signature at the bottom of all of your email messages in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

1. In Outlook, select File > Options.

Outlook 2010 Options button

2. Select Mail on the left, then click Signatures…

Outlook 2010 signature button

3. Select New.

4. Give the signature a name. Any type of name will do. Click OK when done.

5. Under the Choose default signature area, select the E-mail account you wish to apply the signature to. Also select the name of the signature in the New messages and/or Replies/forwards fields as desired. In the Edit signature area, write the signature just as you would like it to appear in your messages.

Outlook 2010 email signature screen

6. Click OK, then OK again and you’re done.


  1. Anthony says

    I would like to know how to send an email message using VBA to generate the mail item. I am successfully sending mail from an Access development but the emails do not use the users’ stationary. My question specifically needs to know how to send the message using the default users stationary.

    Please find a snippet of the code used so far where the subject and body fields are passed into this function.
    ***************Code Start***************
    Dim mailObj, mSingle As Variant

    Set mailObj = CreateObject(“Outlook.Application”)
    Set mSingle = mailObj.CreateItem(0)
    With mSingle
    .Subject = mSubject
    .To = mailTo
    .Body = mBody
    .attachments.Add attachStr1
    .attachments.Add attachStr2
    End With
    ***************Code Concludes***************
    The above code is already working but as I said – no stationary – please advise.

    Thank you

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