Outlook 2010: Backup/Export Data

In Outlook 2010, you can easily export your email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or other data. This comes in handy when you would like to backup your data or move your data to another computer.

1. Click File > Open > Import.

Outlook 2010 Import option

2. Select Export to a file and click Next.


3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.


4. Choose what you would like to backup. Calendar, all Personal Folders, Inbox, etc. Click Next when ready.


5. Provide a location and filename to backup to. Click Finish.


You may want to store this file safely on a backup drive, flash drive or network drive. That way if something happens to your hard drive, there isn’t a single point of failure.


  1. Laurie English says

    Hi, I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I have exported my inbox to an excel spreadsheet file, successfully. But I would like to have the dates received included in the export. When I was following the links to start the export, I found the screen where I could customize the mapping fields. I don’t see including the date even on the list of choices. And the list of choices – to me – the majority aren’t applicable or needed. But whatever. Can you help me get the dates in the export? Thank you very much, Laurie

  2. Dennis says

    To finsh this off, you should continue with”how to import Outlook 2010 files to a new computer.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Hummer says

    Another simple solution for backing up your data is to install the lookeen backup manager (LBM). I don’t have to worry about losing my Outlook data again which is very reassuring regarding all the important mails in my Outlook.

  4. REBirdsall says

    No saving button. Using suggested import switch to export what are next steps to copy Contacts to flashdrive?

  5. lyn says

    gregory, i agree with you. i recently installed office 2010, the 2007 outlook backup tool is not working. i would like to find the 2010 backup tool, but there doesn’t seem to be one. not really an improvement for office

  6. Eric Behrman says

    I was able to export my contacts and other PST files from File, Open, Import… then just changed the option to export too. Thanks

  7. Guy says

    In step 1 you mentioned “Click the Office button in the upper-left corner.” I’m in Outlook 2010 and there is not button in top left. Am I missing something?

  8. Jesper says

    Totally frustrating. Thanks for all the help here.
    Now I just need to export the pics in some way.

  9. melle says

    in outlook 2010 beta go to file > find import and press it, than it should give you the option as stated in the second picture

  10. Jennifer says

    I was able to export my PST file from File, open, import… then just changed the option to export. Thanks for posting that tip because that is the last place I would have looked.

  11. Dazr in Australia says

    Thanks to R Hardy (and others) who explain in 5 seconds what ‘Knowledge Base’ cannot do in 5 hours. Is MS Knowledge Base an oxymoron? I think so.

    I have passed what feedback I can onto MS Beta team…
    Thanks again.

  12. Matt says

    Sorry for the above post because you can only export Business Contacts with that. I am trying to move all of my contacts that that.

  13. Matt says

    I figured it out. You have to install Business Contact manager. Keep end mind of what 2010 Outlook you have in terms of 32bit or 64bit. 32′s will work on 64 computers. If you Outlook is 32 you install the package BCMv4-Beta-BCMSetup-x86-en-US.

    After it is configured to Outlook 2010 go to contacts select BCM then go to File and there will the the button Emport/Export.

  14. Chris says

    I have no “saving,” button either!
    MS Backup add on does not work for me either.
    Very frustrating. Other than a complete backup of my .pst file, I know of no way to backup my contacts!

  15. Gregory Pokrywka MD, FACP says

    r hardy method above WORKS in 2010, but takes FOREVER for large files in 2010. takes MUCH longer than the old 2007 office backup tool. where is the 2010 backup tool ? why do we have to “create” a file (slows things down) simply to backup the pst files ? there must be a better way to back up to a flash drive.
    form what i recall, one cannot simply copy the pst file to a flash drive- refuses to accept it or says “file too big” (even thought there is plenty of room on the usb flash drive.)
    Help ! need quick , simple backup solution for outlook 2010 data files.

  16. R Hardy says

    There is no “backstage area”. Simply select “file”, “open”, “import”. You can export and import from there.

  17. Ken Heart says

    Maybe I am going blind, but I see no “office backstage area” in my version of Office 2010 Beta.

  18. Rob Dallenbach says

    It’s there, though maybe not intuitive here in Beta.
    Goto the Office backstage area (in beta this is via clicking “File”). Then goto Open->Import. Here you can change what you’re doing from an import to an export :)

  19. Ken says

    This is exactly what makes Microsoft so frustrating – I have the Beta of Office 2010 and there is NO ‘Office Button in the top left corner’ – I have now wasted over an hour searching for a way to export my contacts, and so far I haven’t found it. Is it Microft’s aim in life to drive it’s users demented by hiding important functions away from them?

  20. Tropolite says


    I’ve just downloaded the new Office 2010 public beta and found I have no ‘Saving’ option either.

    Any ideas anyone?

  21. Eric Vogel says

    I do not have the saving button with the latest tech preview. I need to export my contacts to another pc because my PDA will not sync with Outlook Properly and I need to sync off another pc.

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