Outlook 2010: Add Personal Folder (.PST) File

Add a Personal Folder (otherwise known as a PST file) to Outlook 2010 so you can store your data locally.

1. Select File >¬†Account Settings then Account Settings… again.

Outlook 2010 account settings

2. Click the Data Files tab, then click Add..

Outlook 2010 add data files

3. Browse to an existing PST file that you already have, or provide a file name to create a new Personal Folder. Click OK.

Outlook 2010 name personal folder

4. Click Close and the personal folder is created.

Outlook 2010 PST file added


  1. AMD says

    It was not too difficult but believe that previous outlook i.e. 2007 was easier to create personel folders. File/open outlook pst if you were mapped successfully to your network drive.

  2. j says

    I accidentally (mistakenly) created an Outlook data file (.pst) in my Outlook program when I was creating a backup of Outlook 2010. I actually wanted to backup externally.
    Your info above showed me where I could go to delete the file.
    i.e. File – Info – Account Settings – Data Files – XRemove

  3. Richard says

    Every new version of Windows Office becomes more and more difficult to manage – menues are not easy to find anymore. It used to be very simple to add a new PST file, with all options on the left side of the screen Now it’s a go here, go there, to links that are named in a way that does not help you remember what to do the next time you need to add a PST folder. The user experience and the time it takes to figure out how to do what should be a simple task is not getting better with each release.

  4. Anna Belle says

    Many thanks! Your instructions were so much better than anything else I looked at. My old PST file came through beautifully.

  5. SJ says

    Mitch, thank you for your easy to follow directions.
    tried other sites and they DID NOT work.
    Now I have my new folders thanks to you :)

  6. lee says

    Thank you. A user has come back to the company. My boss had the files on a back up tape. I Exported the files to the back up server, transferred the files to the users desktop and added them to outlook. Archive emails appear.

  7. Karen says

    How many .PST file can you have open in Outlook 2010 at one time? In 2003 you have to often open and close Outlook to access the .PST files? Anybody know?

  8. Anil says

    Simple yet powerfull!! it got solved by query!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the info…

  9. Geoff says

    Personal Folders appear to have been hidden or disabled (I have Exchange server as the default). Kirstin refers to a menu option to uncheck “Hide my computer folders”. I cannot find this on Outlook 2010. Any suggestions?

  10. Kristin says

    You won’t be able to see personal folders unless you go to the Outlook drop down menu, Preferences and General. The “Hide On My Computer folders” should be unchecked.

  11. szuzenne says

    Thanks for the tips. I was struggling trying to find how to add the pst files earlier :D

    one thing i notice for step 1,
    “1. Click the Office logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.”

    Clicking the Office logo doesn’t work for me, it will lead us to Maximise/Minimize/Close window option. Clicking ‘File’ and ‘Account Setting’ would work :)

    Thanks again

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