Nook: How to Perform a Hard Reset

Hard resetting the Nook is something you might do if the device locks up or freezes. It’s a way to turn off the device and clear some cached settings. It will not erase the data off the device.

1. Press and hold the Power button.

2. Release the button after 12 seconds.

3. Remove the battery for 10 seconds.

The hard reset on the Nook is then completed.


  1. Dean says

    Bought a used Nook (2, I think) from CraigsList. It worked just fine for days. Plugged it in one night, next morning it was “stuck” in “USB Mode”. Accepts NO input. Orange light on bottom comes on when plugged in. Is not recognized by my PC; doesn’t appear in “My Computer”.
    I have tried:
    1) Holding the power button down for 20+ seconds.
    2) Taking battery out (overnight).

    Oh, man… what is THIS?!?!

    As I’m typing this request… it came back on…
    Goofy…. (?)

    I would rather NOT lose all the books stored in it, but will if I have to.

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