Nook: Delete Books From Library

If you’re running out of memory on your Barnes & Noble Nook, you can delete books from your library. Find out how to do it with this tutorial.

Note: You must update the Nook firmware to version 1.5 or above to have this feature. You can check the version of the firmware by tapping the Settings icon. A screen will appear that tells you Software version. Connecting the device to a Wi-Fi connection will usually automatically update the device.

1. Press the N button below the screen to get to the Home screen.

2. Tap my library.

Nook my library icon

3. Select Go to My Documents at the top of the menu. If the option reads Go to My B&N Library, you are already in the right place and can skip this step.

4. Using the arrows on the left side of the lower display, highlight the book you wish to delete.

5. Tap Item details & options.

Nook item details and options

6. Select Delete.

Nook delete option


  1. Eugenia Warren says

    I have the Nook Simple Touch, and am having trouble deleting my library to gain back memory. I have version: 1.1.0.B, and see no way to update it. I have only downloaded ebooks from the library, so do not have any actual books on my Nook as I have returned them. It is the list that is taking up so much space. Please help with update and deleting my library list. Thank you

  2. Kay says

    I have followed the directions on how to delete the books on the nook and I only get READ no DELETE comes up it says review read or lend. Its very frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

  3. C Parrino says

    I have 1.5.0 on my Nook and there is no such screen as the
    one above that shows, “Read” and “Delete”. This is quite frustrating.

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