Nook Color: Insert/Remove SD Card

You can expand the available memory on your Barnes & Noble Nook Color ereader by installing a micro SD card. This will allow you to store more music, eBooks and photos on the device. Here’s how to insert and remove an SD card.

Video available at the bottom of this tutorial

1. To insert the microSD card, turn the Nook Color off by pressing and holding the Power button for about 2 seconds and tapping Power off.

2. Flip the device over so you can view the back. To the lower left, there is a corner flap marked “Nook”. Flip it back to reveal the SD card slot.

3. Grip the card by the sides and trying to insert it into the slot like shown below.

Insert SD card into Nook Color

4. Insert the SD card in all the way until you hear it snap into place.

Card inserted

5. Close the flap, and power on the device. Once started, check to see if the SD card is properly detected underĀ Settings > Device Info > SD Card.

SD card detected

If you ever wish to remove the microSD card, turn the Nook Color off, access the slot, then push the card in. The card will pop out of the slot, allowing you to remove it. If you want to remove the micro SD card without powering the device off, you can go to Settings > Device Info > SD Card and tap Unmount SD card. Data loss may occur if you try to remove an unmounted SD card while the Nook is powered on.


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