Nook Color: How to Highlight Text

You can highlight text on your Nook Color just like you can with a physical book. Even better, highlighted items are cataloged into one spot where you can review them whenever you like. Here’s how.

1. Tap and hold the first word in the passage you wish to highlight until the word is selected and menus appear above.

Start highlighting text

2. Drag the blue edge to the end of the text.

Drag highlight

3. Tap Highlight.

The selected text is now saved. You can view the text anytime by tapping the screen and selecting Content > Notes & Highlights.

Place where highlights are saved


  1. azcraigrr says

    Be aware that too much highlighting can lock up your book. You open the book, and as soon as the page numbers appear, you are taken back to the previous screen. Archiving and re-downloading the book won’t help, nor will de-registering. I am at this moment waiting for BN to delete the book from my library and re-post it. As far as I can tell, if you are not able to read the book this is the only way to remove highlights.

    On the plus side, their phone support is outstanding – they clearly know what they are doing, at least the girl I spoke to.

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