Nook Color: How to Change Font Size

The great thing about the Nook Color is the ability to change the font size of the ebooks you read. If Grandma doesn’t read books anymore because she can’t see, the Nook is the perfect technical toy for her and many other seniors. This feature alone makes paper books obsolete for most people. Here’s how you can make the text in your book larger or smaller in size.

1. Open the eBook.

2. Tap the bottom margin of the page and a toolbar will appear.

3. Tap Text.

4. Choose the size of the font by tapping one of the A letters. You can even change the font style, size of margins and spacing. If you wish to reset any changes you’ve made to this screen, you can set Publisher Defaults to On.

Nook Color font size selections

Changing these settings within one eBook also changes it for the other eBooks on the device. So if you share your Nook Color with another person, this could be a problem and you may want to make sure they know how to make these changes. It would be nice if a setting was available that makes this setting apply only per book, but it’s nowhere to be found in the OS.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy reading without the need for a magnifying glass or in some cases, without glasses.

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