Nook: Add Screensaver Pictures

When the Nook is in sleep mode, it displays a picture on the screen. By default, it will display famous authors. You can change this and add your own images instead.

1. Attach the Nook to your computer. The device will be enabled as a removable disk under My Computer/Computer/Finder.

2. Open the my screensavers folder on the removable disk.

3. Create a new folder within the my screensavers folder. You must create this folder, otherwise it will not work. In this case, I have created one called Old Building since I will be using photos I took of an old building. Create other folders if desired, naming each folder for the type of images included.

4. Drag and drop your image files (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc)  from a location on your computer into the folder you created (Old Building in this case). The images will be copied to the device.

Drag to Old Building folder

5. Eject the Nook from your computer and disconnect the cable.

6. On the Nook, go to Settings.

7. Tap Display.

8. Select Screensaver.

9. The folder you created will be a selection. Choose it to make it your screensaver.

Nook Screensaver setting

Now when your Nook is in sleep mode, it will cycle through the images you placed in the folder you selected.


  1. Tori says

    Mine worked but one of the standard pictures keeps showing up inbetween my pictures? Any help?

  2. Ryan says

    The Nook Touch only shows one picture at a time when going to the lock screen. The photo should change each time you lock the nook. It does not work like the typical screensaver for your computer. Hope this helps.

  3. Kim says

    Thankyou very much! I had the images in “My Screensavers”. I hadn’t created a new file.

  4. Mitch says

    Strange. Do you have an SD Card in the device? If so, you may be looking at that drive. Maybe try creating one if it doesn’t exist. Mine came with one.

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