Nintendo DSi: Touch Screen Not Working Properly

If your Nintend DSi touch screen is not responsive, it may need to be calibrated. What happens if you can’t get to the menu to recalibrate it though? You might have to start the DSi at the calibration screen by using these steps:

1. Press and hold the L Button, R Button and Start.

2. Continue to hold these buttons while pressing Power.

3. Keep holding the L, R and Start buttons until the calibration screen appears.

4. Follow the on screen directions to calibrate.


  1. Tom says

    Hey! Thanks for this very helpful instruction! This dad is not a gamer, but my 8 year old daughter was in a panic because her DSi was frozen in a frame on her Toy Story 3 game and I had NO clue how to fix it. A quick google search led me to your page here, and after finagling the instructions, I got it to shut down. Great work, folks! You made “Dad” the hero again!

  2. Derrick says

    I accidentaly placed the battery in the opposite direction in my nintendo dsi,and now its not working,who could know what the problem is,HELP!

  3. vale says

    i have a similar problem but not completely.You see… i draw alot in flipnote, and i just not that theres a tiny part in the right of the touch screen that isnt responding. i draw over it, and nothing happens. i have no screen protectors. can anyone help

  4. cocoa says

    My touch screen doesnt work either , only the L & R buttons work. I dont have a touch sreen so thats not a problem. I after awhile got fustrated and let the battery run out and now it wont come back on. I wish someone could help me.

  5. Shadow says

    How long does it take to calibrate it because I’ll be stuck on the calibration screen for a long time.

  6. Ray says

    thanks very much. I was the screen protector (i didnt even realize it had a screen protector on it) i just pryed it up a little and the screen started to work just like new, thanks again!

  7. strange problemo says

    my screen is weird, when i try to draw a line straight down the middle it gets jerked off to the sid, there is an oval in the middle that does this, about the size of a stamped penny, plz reply, is this covered by warrenty or no? is it serious?

  8. james says

    touch screen unresposive. tried the reset trick but nothing. when the screen does respond it races all the way to the right till it reaches the end, then nothing.


  9. Geoff says

    The top screen works fine fyi. What I didn’t know at the time is that you have to blow into the L & R buttons to fix them. >_< this happened yesterday night.

  10. Geoff says

    This maybe unrelated to your topic but my dsi touch screen works fine and all but it shows in opposite colors… if I leave it off for a certain amount of time it’ll go back to normal, but slowly but surely enough it’ll go back to the opposites. Heres what Happened, I opened up the dsi’s battery port to fix the L button and unscrewed the top-middle screw and voila! Opposite colors! I’m mad and I cant screw it back in because it’s floating around in the circut board of the dsi.

  11. Chandima says

    Thanks Carlos. You are a genius. I had the exact same problem the solution was also the same. Somehow I thought the screen protector was Nintendo though. Thanks again.

  12. Ezra says

    Okay, when i go to my photos, and use the buttons to scroll, is fine, but when i touch me stylus to the screen, things freeze up and the buttons and the touch scroll wont work, can i get some help?

  13. daniele says

    ummmmm. well the touch screen is still not working. in at the calibrate thing and my touch screen won’t work at all! Well thanks for the advice

  14. calvin says

    Great fix, could not work out how to get the touch screen to work and was about to mail the DSi overseas for repairs. Unable to access the menu to recalibrate…now works fine..thanks

  15. David says

    I had the same issue, removed the screen protector and then the calibration worked properly. Thanks.

  16. carlos says

    ok so i just figured it out. i would have never thought but it was actually the SCREEN PROTECTOR I JUST PUT ON. make sure if you get screen protectors are LICENSED BY NINTENDO before you buy them

  17. carlos says

    please help if anyone can. My touch screen is not responding, y,x,b,a buttons wont do anything and only L and R buttons will respond. it is stuck at the home screen, and when i tried recalibrating this way, the touch screen still wouldnt let me even recalibrate.

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