Nexus One: Setup Hotmail Via POP3

Setup Hotmail on your Android powered Nexus One via POP3 smartphone with these steps.

1. Go into Settings > Wireless & Networks and uncheck Wi-Fi. You have to be on your phone providers network for this to work.

Wi-Fi check selection

2. Open the Email app.

3. Press Menu and select Accounts.

Accounts selection

4. Press Menu and select Add account.

Add account

5. Enter your Hotmail username and password, then tap Manual setup.

Hotmail account info and Manual button

6. Tap POP3 account.

POP3 account selection

7. Enter the following info for Incoming server settings.

Username: Your hotmail address (be sure to include @hotmail)
Password: The password to your Hotmail account.
POP3 server:
Port: 995
Security type: SSL

Then scroll down and tap Next.

Incoming Hotmail server setup

Incoming Hotmail server settings screen 2

8. Enter the following info for Outgoing server settings:

SMTP server:
Port: 587
Security type: TLS

Tap Next.

Outgoing Hotmail server settings

9. Choose account options as desired. Tap Next when ready.

Account options

10. Give the account a name. Tap Done when ready.

Give account a name

11. That’s it! Hotmail should be all setup on your phone.

Inbox with Hotmail


  1. Karla says

    It gives me the exact message :
    “could not open connection to server”

    I even went and cleared all data from the email app, it did not work either

  2. Karla says

    I still can not pass stage 8. it will give me can not connnect. Also i have TLS/SSL together..

    Please help,

  3. Brian says

    Thanks so much for the help. I’ve been frustrated since I got my phone. Your instructions were perfectly clear, only took me a few minutes. Thanks again!

  4. claude legroulx says

    Hey I spent hours trying to do this with Telus on the phone thanks for the accurate instructions it worked perfect in 15 minutes

  5. Pierre Tremblay says

    This was helpful. Thanks. However, the data usage has gone thru the roof. 200 mb the first day I configured the account. Any suggestions? My provider support informed me that using a POP account on a nexus takes a lot of data.

  6. Chris says

    Fantastic, clear and understandable information!! Well done at last i can have my email setup properly on my N1!!

    Thanks again


  7. steph says

    Thanks this is a great help just got my nexus one and couldnt figure it out! and jake_as i have a and mine has worked fine :)

  8. jake_as says

    this would be great – but it won’t let me pass stage 7.
    i’m assuming having a account is the problem – any suggestions?

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