Netflix Won’t Play Video and Loads Black Screen

I recently had an issue on my Windows 7 PC where it wouldn’t play Netflix Instant videos. It would load about 7% of the movie, then kick over to a black screen. This problem would happen in every browser I owned. IE, Firefox and Chrome. Since Microsoft Silverlight is used to play Netflix videos across all web browsers, I figured the issue had to be with Silverlight. Here’s how I fixed the issue.

1. Close all open web browsers.

2. Uninstall Microsoft Sliverlight by going to the Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Microsoft Silverlight > Uninstall.

3. Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft and delete the Silverlight folder.

Delete silverlight folder in Appdata

Note, if you don’t see the AppData folder, you may have to show hidden files.

4. Reinstall Silverlight.

5. Enjoy movies again on Netflix.


  1. dave allen says

    if your getting this with firefox and you’ve installed flashblock turn it off. took me awhile to figure it out.

  2. sara says

    i have recently got netflix, it works fine on my phone but on my laptop it just wont. i have unistalled and reinstalled silverlight i have made sure all my systems are up to date. Including flash player and it just wont work

  3. DK says

    Uninstalled Silverlight… deleted the Silverlight folder (I have XP, so I had to do a Search for the folder). Installed newest version of Silverlight. Netflix works again!!!

  4. anjali says

    I uninstalled and reinstalled
    still having the same issue
    any other suggestions
    i have disabled all pop blockers and stuff
    dunno what else to try

  5. Angelica says

    okay so it worked for me then after shutting down my laptop, wanting to watch a movie next day, i have the same problem again :/

  6. Angelica says

    was starting to lose hope with your solution then i heard vin diesel talking. thanks man!!!

  7. insideout says

    Next time, try disabling hardware accelerated playback in the silverlight console. That option is on the playback tab.

  8. Stuart Lewis says

    Many others are having this black screen issue, Netflix blame M$, and vice versa.
    A workaround is to uninstall silverlight version 5, and get version 4 from filehippo or cnet. when you install that untick the “update automatically” box and it works fine again.

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