Netflix: Remove Movies From Instant Queue

Clear movies from your Netflix instant movie queue with these steps.

1. Login to Netflix.

2. Click the Your Queue tab, then click Instant.

Netflix Your Queue and Instant tabs

3. Each movie will have an X to the right side where you can click to remove the movie from your queue list.

Netflix video removal links

This can getĀ tediousĀ if you wish to clear the entire list, but the only way to do it is one at a time


  1. Alicia Johnston says

    I would like to delete the movies that I have finished watching, how do I do this, I have removed them from my list, but I want to delete them

  2. Ebony says

    My question to u is, how do I close out the movies that I started to watch but now I am no longer interested in watching them? So I want to close those movies.

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