MyTouch 4G: Hard Reset

Hard reset your T-Mobile MyTouch 4G smartphone if you want to wipe all data and return the configuration to factory default settings. You may use a hard reset as a last resort for when you experience problems with the MyTouch 4G that you can’t solve by other means.

Be sure to backup any data you wish to save from the phone before performing these steps. Also be sure to disconnect the phone from any power sources.

1. Turn the MyTouch 4G off. If it’s frozen and not responding to commands, you may want to pull the battery from the device to force it off.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds then release. Continue to hold Volume Down.

4. When you see the Android logo appear, you may then release Volume Down.

5. Now use the Volume Up/Down buttons to highlight Factory reset.

6. Press the Power button to select.

The hard reset process will begin. It may take a few minutes to complete, then the MyTouch 4G will restart as normal.


  1. John Calvacca says

    Hi i have tried every mentioned button pressing to reset combination snd nothing is working. Do you have a factory reset tot file or something I can run in software update mode from LGNPT? I have the LG Optimus G so I am familiar with runnung a tot file to do a full factory restore. Your help would be APPRECIATED. Thank, John

  2. Denise says

    The phone has a build in “factory reset”. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Privacy’, I left the ‘Clear sd card’ unchecked. (Wasn’t sure about that.) Hit “Erase all Data”. I just did it with my LG Mytouch 4G and it reset. We’ll have to see if that fixed the shutting down prob from the Feb2012 Update… Nope! it just shut itself off again as soon as I took it off the charger even though it has a full battery. Stupid updates!

  3. CONNIE says


  4. Edwin says

    Hey help me please, my phone get stock in the logo when its turning on, I did already a factory reset like you said, but it get stock in the reseting logo too, so what should I do now? Please help me

  5. Tyrrell Jwone says

    My power button doesent work its charged but it died last night so i just charged it but my screen doesnt come on sooo…

  6. LIlly says

    i tried to factory reset and it keeps showing the reset sign and then going back to the mytouch 4g page. it will only stop when i take the battery out. Help :(

  7. Blue says

    it was restarting, then it suddenly give me black screen.. made couple of vibrations, then totally died.. not responding to anything.. help..

  8. Taylor says

    I have tried to do this and it freezes on the reboot screen. There is no progression and nothing starts…should i just go to the store?

  9. J says

    Mine was suddenly frozen then I turned it off. Now, it will not turn back on. I tried this method and it does not work. Pls HELP. I plug it in the pc and the pc detects it, but nothing happens.

  10. Romero says

    for me it shows 3 androids skateboarding when i press factory reset… is something wrong with mine?

  11. jesse says

    i was talking on the phone and it made a long beep sound now it wont turn on at all i took the battary out still doesnt turn on?

  12. Matthew says

    Idk whats wrong with mine, i tried that many times and it just stays on the tmobile mytouch 4g screen forever! i need help!!

  13. manoj says

    I had installed andriod 2.3 using ROM manager. due to some reason i selected the factory reset. But after that my mobile failed to reboot. I tried to reinstall the andriod 2.3 but it failed to reboot normally. Please help me

  14. -.- says

    for me it shows 3 androids skateboarding when i press factory reset… is something wrong with mine?

  15. Kate says

    The first few times it didn’t work on my phone, it would just reboot as normal. After removing and reinserting the battery it worked just fine.

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