myTouch 3G: Factory Reset

You can clear all data off your myTouch 3G smart phone so that is reset to factory defaults.

1. Press Home then press Menu.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap SD card & phone storage.

4. Go to the Internal phone storage section.

5. Tap Factory data reset.

6. Tap Reset phone.

7. If prompted, enter the screen unlockĀ pattern, then tapĀ Erase everything.


  1. Krystal says

    Hi Lyndsey did you ever find a way to get back into your phone because the same thing happened to me

  2. nancee says

    my mytouch 4g just stopped working now it wont get past the MY logo in the beginning and then shuts off how do i get it to work i need my contacts ! help.

  3. jtlau says

    i have a used unlocked mytouch 3g that had it’s previous owner’s data in it. i reset the phone and have my unlocked att sim card in there. now i’m having trouble starting the phone for the first time because i can’t connect to my google account. it says i don’t have a network connection. any advice? thanks!

  4. JEFF 909-253-9464 says

    Hey lyndsey did u figure out how to reset your phone? Let me know if u need help lol… Jeff 20. Ca.

  5. Lyndsey says

    I bought a phone and it was used and i locked myself out of it and i dont know the old owners email or password how can i get back into my phone

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