Motorola Droid: Turn Camera Flash On/Off

The flash on the Motorola Droid camera is really bright. Chicks will know you are taking pictures of them from the back if you leave it on. Turn it off using these steps.

1. From the Camera applications, press Menu.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Flash mode.

Droid camera flash

4. Set it to On, Off or Auto as desired.

Droid flash off


  1. Elizabeth says

    OK I finally figured it out, for those who really want a step by step, open up your camera on your droid (either on your desktop of click the menu button (looks like a bunch of dots) When camera is open you will see these really small icons. top is for Focus, Exposure, Scene Mode. Make sure the scene mode is in AUTO. Tap back to the left side to get out of this menu. Next see the 4th icon down, it is your flash mode. Tap on it and choose OFF. and then click to the far left to close this menu. You are now set to go!!!

  2. squeak says

    Just figured it out… make sure you are not set to scene mode. Setting that back to auto allowed me to change flash settings.

  3. K. McCaslin says

    This would be very helpful if my Flash setting was not disabled/greyed out/unable to access.
    Any suggestions?

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