Motorola Droid: Set Ringtone to a Contact

If you want a ringtone to sound when a certain person calls, you can make this happen on the Motorola Droid by assigning a ringtone to a Contact. Here’s how.

1. Open the Contacts app.

2. Tap the contact that you wish to set a ringtone to.

3. Press Menu.

4. Tap Options.

5. Tap Ringtone.

6. Select a tone.

Setting a ringtone to a Contact


  1. Navraj says

    Hi All,

    All also facing the problem in setting the different downloaded ringtone, but now get the success.

    The easy steps are mention below:
    1.Go to your music player and set your favorite song as ringtone. if you have more than one do the same again and again.
    2. Now go to your contact list and select the desired contact >>edit>> additional info>>call handling
    Then select the desired song or ringtone from ringtone list. Now you are able to find all the phone default ringtone as well as your selected ringtone.
    3. save and enjoy….

  2. GIV says

    FOR DROID X!!!

    Assign a ringtone to a specific contact:

    Press Contacts icon on homescreen or tap on Contacts application from the Applications Tray
    Press the specific contact
    Press the menu key
    Touch Edit. Clear keyboard with Back key.
    Scroll down and Press > at end of Additional info to open more options
    Touch V (down) icon next to Ringtone
    Choose a Phone ringtone from the list and tap OK to set.
    Press Save to save to contact.
    Personalized ringtone will appear in contact info screen.

    Note: To assign a music/song from your memory card as a ringtone, first follow step1 above and follow step 4 again.

  3. Mindy says

    On the Droid 2 you have to go to contacts, select the contact you want to use, go to ment button (the 4 squares), select edit, scroll down and select additional info, select default ringtone.

  4. Tj says

    For all Motorola Droid 2 owners Kim has the answer!! =D Just followed what she typed and yup it’s def. there as long as you have 2.2. Thanks Kim

  5. Marie says

    I am having a similar problem as Lainy. I have no problem getting to the menu where I choose from my downloaded ringtones and music, BUT it will NOT let me select a song. Ironically, when I first got it, it worked, and I had about 5 different ringtones for different people. Now, the it uses the default for everything. Droid X

  6. kao says

    any luck with the droid x? i have the droid 2 and have no luck yet with assigning ringtones to contacts.

  7. Lee says

    I too have been having this same problem. I could use some help as well. My phone is the Samsung Moment, if that makes a difference.

  8. Cody says

    I’ve got some ringtone apps on my Droid 2. Any thoughts on to assign one of those tones to a contact?

  9. scott says

    I hit the icon that has the four square boxes on my droid x that is suppose to bring the menu that gives the options to set ringtones to contacts but, i there is no option menu what am i doing wrong or what can i do to change that?

  10. Heather says

    I am having trouble finding my ringtones, the ones that I have downloaded not the ones that come on the phone. They are in my music app but when I go into a certain concact to set it with a certain ringtone the only ones it shows are the ones that came on the phone. Why and how can I fix it??

  11. Lainy says

    On the Droid you open a contact, go to menu and select options. There you can choose a ringtone for that contact. My issue is that about 30% of the time the default ringtone is used regardless of which ringtone I have selected for that contact. I have no idea why the phone seems to pick and choose when the correct ringtone is used. Anyone else having that problem?

  12. Morgan says

    Kim-I too finally found how to set the ringtone for a specific person…but it hasn’t worked yet! Any idea why? I have 2 ringtones I downloaded, one main one and one for my husband. It keeps playing the main one. I have checked multiple times, and as far as I can tell, my husband should have his own ringtone.

    Anyone have any tips?

  13. Kim says

    Go into the contact and go to Menu > Edit >
    Scroll down to Additional Info.
    Click the little triangle to open that area.
    Go down to Call Handling.

    Found it…. LOL
    just in case anyone else is searching too :o)

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