Motorola Droid: Set Music as Ringtone

Make a song on your Motorola Droid a ringtone.

1. Copy the song file over to the Droid.

2. Open the Music app.

3. Navigate to the music track.

4. Hold your finger down on the track for about 2-3 seconds until a menu appears.

5. Tap Use as phone ringtone.

Droid - Use song as ring tone


  1. jenna says

    If you have the first droid it no longer gives you the option too select a track from “music” but once I went to settings, incoming calls, you select where you want to get your ringtone from… so I selected the app music and found the song and selected it! took me a whole day to figure out!

  2. Dan says

    Great suggestion for the Rings Extended. I think there was some sort of system update that prevented setting songs as ringtones. The man doesn’t want give anything away.

    Great suggestion for the Rings Extended App. Worked perfect on my phone. Original Droid

  3. Steve says

    I followed the instructions and told my mp3 to be a rightone but it does not work, I get a message “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file” any suggestions?

  4. vaphyneboy says

    Just got the market and download the “Rings Extended” app and it does it for you.

  5. hayley says

    I’ve tried that, but for some reason it doesn’t keep the ringtone I set as my ringtone. It goes back to a default ringer.
    I have the droid 2

  6. Superdave says

    I have a Droid X. I have songs I want to set as different ringtones for 5 groups. I know how to set the main ringtone.I also want to use some songs as notifications for text, voice mail. How do I do that?

  7. Young confused says

    Ok! I figured it out and when I did I felt really dumb lol. Go to your music (use your music tab if easiest), scroll to the songs icon to have all of the song in front of you, choose a song, press menu once (don’t hold) then six options will then appear. The bottom middle one is it! From there you can actually share shuffle repeat add to a playlist and go to the songs properties! Enjoy!

  8. quashima lemon says

    I’m trying to figure out how can I save my ringtone that’s in the music menu for my text ringtone.

  9. Alvin says

    On the newer droids… you can just hit the button while the song is playing and the Option comes up.

  10. modoguru says

    I tried to follow these directions and was stymied just like the person making comment #1. Then I discovered that if I selected Songs in the Music app (it defaulted to Artists), and then held my finger down on the track, then I did get the option to add it as a ringtone.

  11. Sky says

    I figured out how to set personal ringtone to each contact.
    First, go to contact list and pick the person and view contact or menu then options. Under options ,touch ringtone and pick the ringtone from the list and click ok then you’re done.

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