Motorola Droid: Set a Photo to a Contact

If you want a picture of a person to appear on your Motorola Droid smart phone when they call, you can assign a photo to the Contact. Here’s how.

1. From the home screen, swipe the application bar up.

2. Tap Contacts.

3. Tap the contact entry. If it doesn’t exist, press menu and add a New contact.

4. Press Menu.

5. Tap Edit contact.

6. Tap the empty picture with the plus sign.

Droid - Add contact icon

7. Navigate to the photo you wish to add. Tap it to select it.

8. Crop the photo as desired.

9. Tap Done.

Droid - Contact icon added


  1. Kristin says

    Hi, I wanted to set a picture to my contacts using pictures I found on the internet. Maybe I’m going at it the wrong way… but this was my step by step process which maybe someone will see where I went wrong.
    I chose a pix from google search, saved on my computer, emailed it to myself, got the email on my Droid X, saved it and tried to then apply that pix to the contact. Im new at this whole smartphone thing so don’t laugh to hard at my little system I got going! haha.
    Thanks so much to anyone who can help me.

  2. Sutra says

    I figured in out: On my droid 2 at the desired photo,select menu, then “more” then, not “settings” but “set as” Fixed. TY for your help

  3. Sutra says

    @T Lewis: When I go to “settings” I do *not* get the option to set the picture as a contact. Still not able to set my existing photo to my contact.

  4. Denise Sheldon says

    Very useful, thanks. The old way I was doing it seemed to disapear. This way was just as easy. Thanks again.

  5. Andy says

    I figured this out on my own, although I always assumed there was a better way…

    I copied pictures from my computer to the “DCIM/camera” folder on the SD card. then on the phone…
    Go to the gallery, select the picture you want for a contact. Open the menu and choose “more”, then choose “set as”. It will ask you to select a contact. Select one and then resize as needed.

    Done and nice and clear as well. A bit of a PITA, but I haven’t found another way to do it.

  6. Mitch says

    Do you have Facebook or Twitter set to sync up the Contacts? That could be overwriting your changes. I know the Facebook For Android app jacked up a lot of people’s contacts.

  7. steve says

    I have exactly the same problem on my droid 2. Associating an existing photo from the file system does not work.

  8. KC says

    I can add a picture by taking it but not by selecting it from my existing photos. Is there a certain trick to it? It gives me the choice to take photo or use existing but when I navigate to the photo and click it, it does not show up.

  9. Allison Nighswander says

    Thanks that was useful. Is it possible to add pictures by finding them on the internet, doing what you said above but instead of choosing an image already on the device, being able to do a google search and find an image (would be useful for business numbers)??

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