Motorola Droid: Send Picture in Email or Text Message

You can share pictures on your Motorola Droid smart phone by sending them via email or text message. Here’s how.

1. Open the Gallery app.

2. Navigate to the photo you would like to share.

3. Tap and hold your finger on the picture you want to send.

4. A menu will appear where you can tap Share.

Droid share option

5. Tap Message or Email.

A message form will appear where you can send the picture.


  1. shawanna k jones says

    I have a moto android and I can’t make my own ringtones and it want send picture text can somebody help me do I have to download some stuff to do it.

  2. Patricia Murphy says

    Mitch: It great to see straight forward directions that work. Thanks for your help!

  3. Heather says

    My Droid use to send pics via text fine until the big update. Now it will send the pic, but then a minute or so later it says that the pic was to large and did not send. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  4. Lions Man says

    On my Droid it wouldn’t work by using the long tap if you viewed the picture with the phone held the “normal vertical way”. You had to move the phone in to the “horizontal ” view (sideways), wait for the picture to change, then tap and hold the picture. Once I did that it gave me the option to email it.

  5. Sabina says

    When my friends send texts, from an iphone for an example, it just sends a message that says download but the picture doesn’t show.. how come?

  6. Jason says

    My friend has a droid phone, she wants to send me a picture of us, but every MMS she sends me, a messages comes up saying failed to play Picture message. I know my picture messaging is working fine because I can get them from other people. I think this has to do with a format setting from the different phones but i’m not sure. Help would be apprecated :b thanks

  7. Fred says

    When I try to transfer pictures from my Droid X2 to my pc, some of the images won’t open up on my PC. I get a message “invalid” format but the files that I transfer are JPEG’s.

    I can see the pictures in my gallery on my Droid, but when I look at the files on my Droid hard drive, I can only see two of the 200 or so pictures I have. When I look at the details of the pictures I cannot see, I do not see any “dimensions” showing up in the detail. For the two pictures I can see as thumbnails, “dimensions” details show up.

    Why can I see these pictures on my Gallery but not see them as thumb nails on my Droid hard drive?

  8. Roadruler says

    I have my orignial Droid X from last July and I thought I was just having probs receiving pics from Iphones, and whenever I tried to download the pics sent in handcent, or tried to send a pic, it would say “national access coverage not available.” Getting regular txts worked just fine. I was researching on the net on how to fix the prob when I came across a thread where someone mentioned that having your wifii on can affect your mms. My wifii wasn’t on, but my gps was (which I do not normally leave on to save battery). When I turned that off, I was able to receive and send pics no prob. Hope this can help someone!

  9. J-Rock says

    I went to & found the “droid forum”; also found same subject matter. It says to take your battery out while phone is on, wait a few seconds, replace battery, and then turn phone back on.. This worked for me.. However it didn’t say why or how this problem occured.

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