Motorola Droid: Quickly Switch to Silent Mode

If you’re heading into a meeting, you don’t want your Motorola Droid to be making sounds. You can quickly put it into silent mode though. Just press and hold the End Call/Power button for a few seconds. A menu will appear where you can simply tap Silent mode. The Droid won’t make a sound. Repeat these steps to switch it back.

Droid silent mode setting


  1. emily says

    Help! Once I did the system update, my droid won’t allow me to go completely to silent mode, its always on vibrate. How do I easily turn all sounds off with out having to go all the way into sound settings? I tried holding the power button but I only have the power off option.

  2. Steven Pounders says

    I used to do this all the time. But now, when I press and hold the power button, the only option I get is Power Off. Other defaults seemed to have changed as well. Help!

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