Motorola Droid: Insert/Remove SD Card

You can upgrade or change the SD card on the Motorola Droid. Here’s how to insert or remove or insert it.

1. Remove the rear battery cover by sliding it toward the bottom of the device.

Removing battery cover

2. Remove the battery starting with the end next to the speaker.

Remove battery

3. Using your fingernails, you should be able to insert or pry the SD card out of its socket, located to the lower left of the camera.

Removing SD card from Droid


  1. carlito says

    My Motorola xt800 is not recognizing any sd card i insert. Meanwhile it had a recognized card earlier before this funny incident. All of a sudden it is not recognizing any card again.please help

  2. says

    my droid x says there is no sd card ive inserted every way possible (not side was or backwards of course) you know just putting it in a bit further each time it is just not reading it i did a factory reset as well that does nothing either please e-mail me a solution if you know of one i’m as broke as my droid is btw

  3. Crackers says

    Yes, I have a droid Triumph and I recently purchased a new sd card with more memory and allready downloaded all my stuff from my previous one on to that. My card seams to work okay and my device says it has all the memory on it but there is a pop up that keeps coming up that says in quote Sdcard full, flag is set. Please delete some to resume or download manually. Like my device still thinks the old card is still in. That pop up keeps coming up and it is starting to get really annoying. If you have any suggestions on how to prevent that pop up from coming up let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

  4. molly says

    I have a droid 2 global and when i put any sd card in there it doesnt show its i there. then it says memory card error, memory card unmounted, or not present. then it says please make sure memory card is inserted and the usbstorage is turned off. please help someone!!!!

  5. Nahla Baird says

    Note that the metal part is not part of the SD card. It’s a pocket to insert the tip of the card only and can not be removed !

  6. Giovana says

    I have my memory card inserted on the phone and then it says its not can someone tell how to fix it? please

  7. Hazel says

    I just had the same problem and fixed it. It turned out that my mini SD card was dislodged. What you need to do is to follow the guide above and open the back of your phone. Once you locate your SD card, just snap it back into its socket. Problem solved! Good luck!

  8. Faith says

    My card refuses to come out, it feels like it’s glued! I’ve never taken it out before, but I’m changing Droid’s because my old one is broken. Help??

  9. Darlene Pizzimenti says

    I am having difficulty opening the back to insert my sim card. The back cover is tight and i am afraid i will break it if i push too hard. Help! Any tricks on how to open the back?

  10. tommy borovac says

    i am having a problem with my SD card for my motorola droid. It is telling me “removed SD card” SD card removed. Insert a new one. I have one in there, i’ve tried removing in and inserting again and nothing. i am positive i am doing the right steps/ putting the card in the correct direction/

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