Motorola Droid: Forward Text Message

Q: How do you forward a text message in the Motorola Droid’s Messaging application?

A: 1. While in the list of messages, tap and hold the message you wish to forward.

2. A menu will appear where you can tap Forward.

Droid Forward SMS text message option

3. Finish your message up. Tap Send when ready.


  1. Barb Metreyeon says

    I send mutiple messages by groups every morn. I send original message to two groups(10 in ea group) -it goes fine. Have tried to forward &/ copy send to another group(10 members) & get multiple beeps & msgs= com. Motorola.conversations. a large number of SMS messages are being sent. What can I do?

  2. teebub says

    C’mon — who forwards just one lousy message? Where’s the option for forwarding a thread?

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