Motorola Droid: Error – “Window limit reached”

I received an error on my Motorola Droid today when I attempted to open a link on Twitter. If you’re opening the web browser from different applications, it always opens multiple windows. Eventually, it will open so many windows that it will throw an error:

Window limit reached

Could not open a new window because you have already opened the maximum number.

It actually took me a few minutes to figure out how to close some of the windows. Here’s how.

1. While in the Browser, press Menu.

2. Tap Windows.

3. Tap the X next to the windows you wish to close.


  1. Mentalfloss1 says

    The double tap on the dash/minus sign worked EXCEPT for windows requesting login info. . . . Such as FB and my credit union. Those will not clear isinglass any of the methods mentioned here. This is a bug and it handicaps the machine. Fix it!

  2. taylo says

    I have a DROID x 2 and there isn’t a menu button, the x 2 doesn’t have a keyboard. Besides the touchscreen keyboard.

  3. Trey says

    I upgraded to the new OS and my windows list lost the x’s and now I have the dashes. It seems that holding on the dash no longerturns red so it is difficult when to know when to let go, but this DID work to delete them.

  4. Patricia says

    I have the same problem. No X just minus sign. I discovered if I do a very quick double tap on the minus sign, the window closes.

  5. Patricia says

    I have a Motorola Atrix and have the same problem. When you bring up the window list there are not X’s only dashes (or minus signs). When you tap the dash it brings you to that window. This continues until I hit max windows and then I have to power off to close the windows.

  6. tom m says

    I am still having problems closing windows. When I get to the windows list there is only a minus symbol and nothing to close it. Holding it down turns it red then opens it when I release. Can anyone help?

  7. Zero says

    I could not find the mystery x button on the windows page also. But holding the open button down until it turns red then releasing it seemed to work. (Most of the time)

  8. dianne says

    I’m having the same problem, Amelia. Can someone help us out? I did manage to close one window by pressing and holding down the circle with the dash in it until it turned red, then on top of the page, there’s a green plus sign on the right and the dialog in the box said “New window”. The pressing and holding only worked once. Can someone help?

  9. dianne says

    This phone is so technical it should really try to get better directions for it. I’m slowly learning it through one of those “Droid for Dummies” books. Lol

  10. Amelia says

    What do you do if there is no x and the only thing that may resemble what you’re talking about is a – that, when clicked on, simply brings you back to the window you wanted to close?

  11. bill dyszel says

    That’s pretty screwy. It doesn’t tell you how many windows are open, it waits until you’ve opened too many then gives an error. It also doesn’t tell you how to correct the error.

    I think the developers should fix the problem.

  12. Kevin says

    When in browser, tap menu key, select windows, from this list you can close any number of open windows (Motorola Droid)

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