Motorola Droid: Delete Photo

Delete a photo off your Motorola Droid phone with these steps.

1. Open the Gallery app.

2. Navigate to the photo that you wish to remove.

3. Tap and hold your finger on the photo.

4. A menu will appear where you can tap Delete.

Droid - Delete photo option


  1. Geoffrey Hale says

    How do I move photos from my phone to my computer and delete them in the process, especially not individually with the slow Droid interface?


  2. BL says

    I have done these steps multiple times to the same pic and different pics I want to delete and the pic won’t delete. I have even tried rebooting my phone and still the pics remain. Help!! I did upgrade to the new OS recently so not sure if that is creating the problem or not!! Anyone else having this issue?

  3. Katherine says

    Thank goodness you had the way to do this. The droid is not a particularly intuitive instrument!

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