Motorola Droid: Clear Text Messages

Delete text messages from the Messaging application on your Motorola Droid smartphone.

1. Open the Messaging app.

2. In the list of messages, tap and hold the message thread you wish to delete.

3. A menu appears where you can tap Delete thread.

4. Tap Delete.


  1. Abbie says

    I got a message but when I try to open it it just takes me to a page where the contact is “mmssmsconversation0″. I can open and receive any other texts, including ones from this contact. It is annoying because I keep being told I have this message. I have a samsung Galaxy and I’ve read the message just from the notifications bar but does anyone know how to get it to stop notifying me about it? As I said its only the one message any other one from this contact opens without a problem.

    Also before anyone says, I’ve restarted, deleted the contact and all the messages, taken out the battery and sim and plugged it into my laptop. None have worked.

  2. Angela says

    For Droid X 2.2: To clear ALL txts from the phone:
    From the Desktop:
    Menu–> Settings–>Applications–> Manage applications–> All–> Text Messaging–> Clear Data, Clear Cache

    To clear everything from one or multiple contacts efficiently:

    Open Text app–> Menu key–> Select Multiple–> make your selections–> Delete
    However, i don’t know if this clears anything from the data and cache storage within the app.

  3. Mitch says

    Try moving some apps to the SD card or deleting some. The internal memory of the phone is probably full.

  4. Olivia says

    Hey everyone- I keep getting the notification, “Incoming text message rejected due to full text memory.” Does anyone have an idea of how to clear the text memory? This is NOT the same as just clearing the messages off the phone.

  5. ant says

    I keep getting a notification saying “text message not sent”. But I open it and there is nothing there. It says it even when I open new messages. How do I get rid of that notification. Is there any way to view deleted texts as well?!!!!

  6. Mitch says

    @Andrew – You’re probably out of internal memory. Not SD Card memory, but internal memory. Try moving some of your apps to the SD Card and that should free up some space.

  7. Andrew says

    Hello, I keep getting “text messages full” and “incoming text rejected” messages. My Droid is set to delete messages as capacity is reached and I delete all as I type and receive them. I don’t understand where they are being stored and how to stop the warnings. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  8. Emily says

    Is there any way on a droid that you can delete one text message between you and that person at a time??

  9. Scott says

    On my phone on one of my threads I have a total of almost 4000 messages. When I try to delete them it just continues to say “Deleting messages” and eventualy I have to shut of the phone and reboot it. Is there some way that i can delete the messages from while connecting it to the computer?

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