Motorola Droid: Change Ringtone For Text Messages

If you don’t like the DROID! sound that the Motorola Droid makes when you receive a text message, you can silence or change the ringtone with these steps.

1. Tap the application slider.

2. Tap Messaging.

3. Press the Menu button.

4. Tap Settings.

5. Scroll all the way down and tap Select ringtone.

Droid select ringtone option

6. Tap a ringtone or select Silent.

7. Tap OK.

If you like, you can tap Vibrate.


  1. krcub says

    I downloaded this mp3ringtone maker app and made some ringtones, but now i’ve decided i don’t want them anymore and i deleted them from the sd card, but in my “notifications” ringtone folder they are still there but they don’t play. how do i delete them?

  2. Mitch says

    Do you maybe have some type of setting that resets the ringtone conditionally? Maybe some type of Smart Profile setup?

  3. Maria says

    Ok so I want to change the ringtone for my texts but when I do it keeps the old ringtone meaning it doesn’t change at all. My husband and I have the same DROID x so I tried to change his ringtone and his works. So how come it doesn’t work on mine. It looks like it works for when I receive emails so why isn’t it reading it? Is there a problem with a folder or something? Thanks

  4. richard says

    I second the rings extended! I just downloaded it from the app store and it works perfect!

  5. tino says

    thats exactly where they were in the music folder find them there and then hit the settings and follow the steps from there

  6. Gilbert says

    This was the most simplest way to do this. I spent hours tring to figure this out and finally, someone with a useful tip!!!


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