Motorola Droid: Add/Remove Favorite Contact

Add or remove a contact on the Favorites tab within the Contact application on the Motorola Droid smartphone.

1. Open the Contacts app.

2. Tap the contact you wish to edit.

3. Tap the star in the upper-right corner to toggle it on or off. When the star is yellow, the person is a favorite. When the star is gray, the person is not a favorite.

Droid adding favorite contacts


  1. mike says

    I want to put a favorit in my contacts list but I can’t. I click the yellow star but it does not stay yellow. I think its cause I don’t call that number often at all. I should be able to add as a favorit right? I want to remove favorits but don’t know how. Why can’t I controll what’s on the favorit contact list? Please help.

  2. Kelly says

    I have never starred a single person and I still have a list of favorites. In fact, I am trying to figure out how to delete someone from my favorites. The contact has a gray star yet still shows up on favorites. Any ideas?

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