Motorola Droid: Add Widget to Home Screen

Motorola Droid applications can come with widgets that you can add to your Home screen. Here’s how.

1. From the Home or Applications screen, press the Menu button.

2. Tap Add.

3. Tap Widgets.

Adding a widget on the Motorola Droid

4. Select the widget you wish to add.


  1. Richard says

    Adding is easy once you do this, thanks for the tip. Now, how do you remove a program or widget from a page?

  2. Dan says

    Make sure the screen on which you wish to add the widget has place for the widget icon. I had the same problem but when I slid to a page with available space, the “add” button became enabled. Hope that helps.

  3. angel says

    The add function on my droid appears to be disabled. When I go to the menu, add is not functional. Any pointers?

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