Motorola Droid: Add Signature For Text Messages

I really like to have an automatic signature on my text messages. It prevents people from saying “Who is this?”. Unfortunately, the Motorola Droid’s Messaging application doesn’t come with such a feature.

1. Download and install Handcent.

2. Tap the Menu button.

3. Select Settings.

4. Scroll down and select Send message settings.

5. Check the Enable signature box.

6. Select Personal signature.

Handcent signature

7. Type in the text message signature you wish to use.

8. Tap OK.

Now whenever you send a text message using the Handcent app, your signature will appear at the end of your text messages.


  1. linda says

    Thanks I was driving myself crazy trying to remember how i did it the first time

  2. Bunny says

    Okay soooooo the trick is…

    1) Open your text… where it has a list of all of your incoming texts.

    2)Click on the menu button… the one with the four little boxes next to your home button.

    3) Choose message settings, then go down to sms/MMS settings click on message signature.

    4) click on edit signature and enter your signature… and TA DA!!!!

  3. tabbe says

    On the v2 you can set a signature by clicking on you txt message icon and hitting the menu button then scroll down to signature

  4. Mary says

    I downloaded and searched the site….thought I had assigned the signature which didn’t see hard but when my son received my trial text…there was no signature. Back to the app next break!

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