Motorola Droid 4: How to Insert or Remove SD Card

If you wish to change the SD card on the Motorola Droid 4, you will need to remove the back cover to insert or remove it. Here’s how.

1. Power the phone off.

2. Locate the back cover eject hole on the top rear of the device. Use a paper clip or the eject tool included with your Droid 4 to gently push the button.

Droid 4 back eject hole

3. While still pushing the button, slide the back cover off in a downward motion.

4. Lift the flap that says “Lift to access Micro SIM”.

Droid 4 SIM cover

5. The SD card slot is located in the silver slot on the right. Insert or remove the card as desired. When inserting the card, ensure that the card is secured and the gold contacts should face down.

Droid 4 SD card in slot

You have successfully completed inserting or removing the SD card on the Motorola Droid 4.


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