Motorola Backflip: Perform Hard Reset

Hard reset your Motorola Backflip if it’s frozen or won’t work at all. A hard reset erases all of the data off of the Motorola Backflip. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Power off phone. If it won’t turn off, take the battery out.

2. Press and hold the Power and Camera button at the same time. Release the Camera button when prompted.

3. Press Volume Down key.

4. A yellow triangle will appear. Press on the screen just above the back key.

5. Select option wipedata/factory reset (Alt + W).

The Backflip will then complete the hard reset.


  1. rebekah sena says

    well IV done what you said to do I pressed the power ans camera key and it me to shut my phone off HELP ME !!! This sux cus this was supposed to be a Xmas gift I can’t give a gift that’s a peace of hard plastic and a chip wtf

  2. Joe says

    this looked like a sleek phone when my gf bought it for me. it’s a pretty rare phone where i’m at, and i was quite thrilled to have it. but i can’t use it as well as i thought i’d be able to…it takes a good long while to do anything, loses wifi connection easily, most of my other phones can’t detect it on bluetooth…looks like we coulda put our money on something else that would work haha

  3. Shannon Craig says

    I had a backflip and 7 months in the screen cracked while in my purse. I used my insurance and bought another at a discounted price. About 6 months later the new phone will randomly pick people that I cannot call or receive calls from. I call att and they tell me its a manufactures defect. here’s the kicker. Even though my phone is only 6 months old it has been 13 months sense I got the first phone so NO MANUFACTURE warranty on a 6 month old phone. My roommate has the same phone but is deployed so I decide to use his. I put my sim card in and do a factory reset. It asks for my motoblur info I put that in and get an error. I call att they cant help with moto blur I call Motorola, they tell me I will have to send the phone in but I cannot because its outside the manufactures warranty. I found this site and was able to do a hard reset and get rid of the error.

  4. Monica says

    Thank you! This procedure worked. I really like my backflip and have had it 1.5 years. All of a sudden it wouldn’t boot up. The only two notes I have are:

    1. Ignore the note that says you pressed the “up” button. (For whatever reason, it comes up when you press the volume down button. Press the volume down button, and ignore the screen text that says you hit the up button.) Eventually the triangle and phone appear on the screen, although it took several minutes for it to come up on my phone. Have patience.

    2. When you get the triangle/phone on the screen, the “hidden” spot above the back button is hard to find. I didn’t find it at first. I thought had touched the spot so I left my phone sitting for a while thinking that would help. I watched a youtube video on rebooting, and I realized that the spot is right in the corner above the back button. When I hit that spot, the three options immediately came up.

    I am so happy this worked. I tried getting a different used phone, and I HATED it. I’m glad my backflip is working again.

  5. Dan says

    I didn’t get it right the first time either. You have to keep you finger on the power button when you release the camera button.

    I run the 2.1 update and I hate that my phone has become nothing more than a block of plastic and chips in my pocket that take 20 minutes to MAYBE make a call. Motorola needs to grow up and worry less about showing up Apple and instead worry about their customers. People will recognize a good phone.

  6. Jeff says

    a factory reset always makes the phone feel nice a fresh. Still, however, this phone is slow and sucks. You shouldn’t have to factory reset to get performance from a phone. I agree this phone is a lemon. Often times i can’t answer calls – the slider won’t slide. I can’t end calls unless the other person hangs up. The phone will lag 5-10 seconds between when I touch something and it does something. The phone is a worthless piece of crap. I just replaced mine actually with an htc inspire. holy cow, night and day difference. I do not miss the physical keyboard… it actually slowed me down having to push a button. now i can fly typing on my touch screen. good bye.

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