Motorola Backflip: Perform Hard Reset

Hard reset your Motorola Backflip if it’s frozen or won’t work at all. A hard reset erases all of the data off of the Motorola Backflip. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Power off phone. If it won’t turn off, take the battery out.

2. Press and hold the Power and Camera button at the same time. Release the Camera button when prompted.

3. Press Volume Down key.

4. A yellow triangle will appear. Press on the screen just above the back key.

5. Select option wipedata/factory reset (Alt + W).

The Backflip will then complete the hard reset.


  1. rebekah sena says

    well IV done what you said to do I pressed the power ans camera key and it me to shut my phone off HELP ME !!! This sux cus this was supposed to be a Xmas gift I can’t give a gift that’s a peace of hard plastic and a chip wtf

  2. Joe says

    this looked like a sleek phone when my gf bought it for me. it’s a pretty rare phone where i’m at, and i was quite thrilled to have it. but i can’t use it as well as i thought i’d be able to…it takes a good long while to do anything, loses wifi connection easily, most of my other phones can’t detect it on bluetooth…looks like we coulda put our money on something else that would work haha

  3. Shannon Craig says

    I had a backflip and 7 months in the screen cracked while in my purse. I used my insurance and bought another at a discounted price. About 6 months later the new phone will randomly pick people that I cannot call or receive calls from. I call att and they tell me its a manufactures defect. here’s the kicker. Even though my phone is only 6 months old it has been 13 months sense I got the first phone so NO MANUFACTURE warranty on a 6 month old phone. My roommate has the same phone but is deployed so I decide to use his. I put my sim card in and do a factory reset. It asks for my motoblur info I put that in and get an error. I call att they cant help with moto blur I call Motorola, they tell me I will have to send the phone in but I cannot because its outside the manufactures warranty. I found this site and was able to do a hard reset and get rid of the error.

  4. Monica says

    Thank you! This procedure worked. I really like my backflip and have had it 1.5 years. All of a sudden it wouldn’t boot up. The only two notes I have are:

    1. Ignore the note that says you pressed the “up” button. (For whatever reason, it comes up when you press the volume down button. Press the volume down button, and ignore the screen text that says you hit the up button.) Eventually the triangle and phone appear on the screen, although it took several minutes for it to come up on my phone. Have patience.

    2. When you get the triangle/phone on the screen, the “hidden” spot above the back button is hard to find. I didn’t find it at first. I thought had touched the spot so I left my phone sitting for a while thinking that would help. I watched a youtube video on rebooting, and I realized that the spot is right in the corner above the back button. When I hit that spot, the three options immediately came up.

    I am so happy this worked. I tried getting a different used phone, and I HATED it. I’m glad my backflip is working again.

  5. Dan says

    I didn’t get it right the first time either. You have to keep you finger on the power button when you release the camera button.

    I run the 2.1 update and I hate that my phone has become nothing more than a block of plastic and chips in my pocket that take 20 minutes to MAYBE make a call. Motorola needs to grow up and worry less about showing up Apple and instead worry about their customers. People will recognize a good phone.

  6. Jeff says

    a factory reset always makes the phone feel nice a fresh. Still, however, this phone is slow and sucks. You shouldn’t have to factory reset to get performance from a phone. I agree this phone is a lemon. Often times i can’t answer calls – the slider won’t slide. I can’t end calls unless the other person hangs up. The phone will lag 5-10 seconds between when I touch something and it does something. The phone is a worthless piece of crap. I just replaced mine actually with an htc inspire. holy cow, night and day difference. I do not miss the physical keyboard… it actually slowed me down having to push a button. now i can fly typing on my touch screen. good bye.

  7. Carlos says

    Root your phone, then install an overclocking app.
    That helps a lot with the back flip I got for my wife -

    She lives with frustration – will try another android soon and sell this on Ebay for $5.00

  8. khehra.jassi says

    sir please help me i have motorola 300mb blur having with problem its only showing blue screen and tiny white

    usb fastboot: v0.5
    Machine ID: Motus OaaO
    build Date feb 26 2010
    serial number: TA437007B
    **security on,fastboot disable**

    please any body tell me what does it”s mean

  9. brianna says

    hey i have one and it will not reset i think its messed up it doesnt show the triangle or the blue thingy can you helpp


  10. Filesponge says

    A bit of a late response lol, but I just used this method on my own BACKFLIP, and yes it does work . . . .

    For some reason, the volume buttons are actually upside down, what you may expect to be the UP, is actually down etc. (unless i’m the only owner who’s mobile is built inside out??).

    If you press one volume button, your screen goes BLUE with tiny white writing saying SECURITY ON, FASTBOOT DISABLED, then it means you pressed the wrong up/down volume button. just take the battery off, put it back, and do it again.

    To make it easier to understand, remember that when you do see yellow triangle mentioned (it has a phone lay near the triangle picture too), you’re told here to Press On The Screen Just Above The Back Key . . .

    This is because there is a HIDE button at the bottom-right of the screen that is invisible till you press it (i can’t imagine why they did that!). Just tap around that area of the touch screen and you’ll know when you get it :-D all the screen suddenly has writing all over it and a menu…

    Touch the option you want on the screen, then touch OK at the bottom-left. It takes about 3 minutes to do the full system re-format. It’s best to have your SIM and SD cards out so nothing else gets touched (not essential though).

    It sounds like a lot of owners have got versions of this mobile with bad firmware – I’ve had one fro 3 months, it locked up once, and runs ‘anything’ i throw in it, it does sooo much it’s silly and never lets me down.

    Oddly, my firmware version seems to be a number that only turned up on google at one other website !! Mine is a UK one, named Blur_Version.0.3.7.MB300.Retail.en.GB

    I don’t know if that’s what has kept mine working happily or not.

  11. luca says

    hi all,
    i’m italian and i have a motorola backflip AT&T..
    i need the subsidy un-lock code..
    how can i get it?
    i’ve another problem, the phone don’t show yet the code request…why??

  12. Merryck says

    Gene, I too am an engineer and was really excited about the backflip. I bought it on the second day it was available.

    This is a travesty and a piece of junk. The short answer from all of my dealings with ATT and Motorola are:

    1.)Per Motorola the phone is fine – just don’t expect to run any apps on it. Once memory is used the system falls over.

    2.) per ATT they will not admit that there is a problem but suggest that you upgrade to a better phone (read – one that actually does what it is supposed to). After going thorugh 3 backflip units, with little regard for my contention of failure to deliver “fitness for purpose”, they actually could not seem to understand why I did not want to sign another contract! Just another reason why I will not!

    having spoken to an engineer involved in network infrastructure Verizon gets the vote for the best network. Looking at reviews, Samsung galaxy phones seem to get the job done with a great deal of style.

    I will not buy another Motorola product again nor sign another contract with ATT – and will tell anyone who will listen how I feel about both of these organizations!

  13. christal says

    i completely agree. I have a problem with mine that i have to reformat the phone every 2 weeks or so… it continues to try to access the web and type h.c.hc.c and its not just the internet it also is with text and contacts… i have been at work and will hear someone yelling into the phone and it will be a random person i dont ever talk to.. such as a business or old friend… it is very annoying. Also it is getting to where the reboots are not working i am reseting and it boots in safe mode. i called at&t and they literally said “oh wow, you have ghost in your phone” and hung up.

  14. Merryck says

    The backflip is the most retarded phone I have ever owned – complete lemon! AT&T and Motorola do not stand behind their products. To me this is not fit for purposes & someone should start a class action law suit.

    I am on my 3rd unit is about 8 months – all of them sucked. They were slow, I could not end calls and had complaints from my clients and friends that the call quality was poor on all 3 – so it is not just one bad one. It took me 20 minutes to download an e-mail today. I am sorry that is just not acceptable.

  15. christal says

    I did this because mine booted in safe mode,… anyone else’s do that. This is the second time i have had to do this.

  16. tyler says

    when i was doin mine it told me i pressed the volume button up even though i had pressed it down and i pushed down a few times and the white triangle with yellow explination point popped up and from the all the steps worked like a charm! xD so when in doubt just push volume down a few times and it should work

  17. Lynn says

    Mine is SUPER SLOW! when i try to view my contacts, it takes basically an hour to actually view everything. My screen ALWAYS freezes and it takes hours for it to go back to normal. Sometimes I recieve text messages that were sent like, 3 days before! Will doing this help my cell?!?

  18. Osma says

    Yes.. But you can still select the wipedata/factory reset option.. Just click right above the back arrow but still on the black part (not on the actual screen) and drag up..

  19. Rachel says

    Here’s the way I did it:

    Settings>SD card & storage>Factory data reset **Please note this will delete all data off of the phone**…

  20. nancy says

    what happens if you follow the instructions and the screen says: “security on, fastboot disabled” ?

    any other suggestions?

  21. james says

    if i do the reset will i still be able to use the phone the same way? i just scared to try it because im not sure what happens when i reset it. i want to reset it because my buttons dont function the same way. my home button wont take me home, my message button wont take me to messages and my browser button doesnt open my browser.

  22. Jyn says

    This doesn’t work for me at all. Followed steps and it worked until i pressed the volume down key. no yellow triangle appeared….every time i tried it. any suggestions?

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