LG Vortex: Hard Reset

You can hard reset LG Vortex if you wish to wipe all data from the device and return it to factory default settings. You may wish to perform these steps if you’re returning the device to a retailer or selling it. You may also wish to use a hard reset as a last resort for when you’re experiencing problems with the device that you can’t solve by any other means.

Note: These steps will erase all data and settings from the memory for the device. You may want to backup all of the data on the phone if possible before performing these steps. Data synced such as contacts, calendar and email can likely be restored by simply syncing the device after this process.

Option 1 – Using the Android OS menus

If you can access the menus, you can perform a hard reset from within the Android OS software.

1. From the Home screen, press Menu.

2. Tap the Settings button.

3. Select Privacy.

4. Tap the Factory data reset option.

5. Select Reset.

6. Tap Erase everything.

The LG Vortex will then hard reset and may take a few minutes to complete.

Option 2 – Using the hardware buttons

If the LG Vortex is frozen or unresponsive and you can’t access the menus within the Android OS to perform a hard reset, you will need to use this option that utilizes the hardware buttons on the device.

1. Power the phone off. If it won’t turn off, pull the battery from the device.

2. Press and hold Volume Down, Home, and the Power buttons simultaneously.

3. Wait for about 10 seconds until the screen lights up and the phone starts to boot, then release all three buttons.

The LG Vortex will then go through the hard reset process. Wait a few minutes and the phone should reset with factory default settings and data loaded into memory.

SD Card Format

In cases where you don’t want items remaining on the SD card, you can either swap the SD card with another and keep the one with your data on it, or you can format it:

1. From the Home screen, tap Menu.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select SD card & phone storage.

4. Tap Unmount SD card.

5. Tap Format SD card.

6. Select Erase Everything.

The SD card will then be formatted.


  1. lisa says

    Oh boy that didn’t work on blue phone there is no taking the back cover off the only removable piece is the sim card holder little drawer.anyway there is a pattern lock on the home screen and the only thing it will do is make an emergency call now I cannot even remotely wipe it cause I hadn’t even installed a virus ware yet .there’s nothing on the phone yet… Also tried your hold down power volume home button it powered off and on but lock pattern still therethere so any other ideas other than sending it back to factory?

  2. Carey says

    My lg vortex just freezes at the lg boot screen and when i try to wipe it with the hardware buttons it does nothing wont go any further than the lg boot screen. please help.

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