LG Revolution: Remove Pre-Installed Apps

Verizon supplies a lot of pre-installed bloatware apps on the LG Revolution. The V-Cast apps are the ones that annoy me the most. There are several of them clogging up my app slider that I will never use. They cannot be removed like any other app under Settings > Applications > Manage applications. The Uninstall option will be grayed out. Instead you’ll have to root the LG Revolution then use the Titanium Backup app to remove them.

Rooting the LG Revolution

1. Enable USB Debugging on your Revolution.

2. Attach the phone to a Windows computer.

3. Download and install the LG drivers (named Download LG Mobile Support Tool on the site).

4. Download SuperOneClick.

5. Run SuperOneClick.

6. Select GingerBreak on the Exploit menu.

7. Click Root and wait for the process to finish.

8. Restart the LG Revolution.

9. Check to see if the SuperUser app can gain full root access.

If this process doesn’t work, try this method.

Removing the pre-installed apps

After you have rooted the device, you can now get down to the process of uninstalling the bloatware.

1. Download and install Titanium Backup from the Android Market.

2. Open Titanium Backup and select Backup/Restore.

3. Select any app you wish to remove, then select Uninstall. You may wish to backup the app first before removing it. Be careful as not all apps can be removed without damaging the Android OS.


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