LG Revolution: How to Hard Reset

We show you how to hard reset the Verizon LG Revolution smartphone. A hard reset (also known as a factory reset) will format the system memory of the device and set it back to factory default settings. Doing these steps may help if you’ve been experiencing problems with the device or if you will no longer be using the phone and you wish for all your private data to be removed. There are 2 ways you can proceed.

Note: These steps delete data. Be sure to backup any important information on the device. SD card data is preserved unless you choose to format it.

Hardware method

This option is preferred if the device doesn’t start properly or you have forgotten the screen lock password.

1. Turn off the device.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until a Permanantly Erase screen appears.

3. Press the Power button, then press it again to confirm your selection.

The LG Revolution will then restart after a few minutes with everything set to factory defaults.

Software method

1. Tap the app slider and select the Settings app.

2. Select the Privacy menu.

3. Select Factory data reset.

4. Tap the Reset phone option.

5. Select Erase everything.

You have successfully performed a hard reset on the LG Revolution.



  1. Daryl says

    Same for me: With the hardware method nothing appears, nothing happens.. I just have a black screen. No display. I’ve replaced the battery too.

  2. Khenji Duane Genson says

    I’d tried this two methods.. But I cannot hard reset my LG-e615..
    Hardware method: nothing appears.. Nothing happens.. Just the black screen..
    Software method: when I click the “reset phone” nothing will happen it will just go back to settings page..

    Plz help me plz..
    Thank you very much..

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