LG Lucid: How to Hard Reset

Like most smartphones, the Verizon LG Lucid provides a couple of ways for performing a hard reset on the device. A hard reset will erase all data and settings from the device and set everything back to factory default settings. This is an ideal feature if the phone is has problematic issues that cannot be otherwise solved.

If your LG Lucid is frozen and you simply wish to perform a soft reset without erasing data, you can always press and hold the Power button on the top-right side of the device until it turns off.

For a hard reset, you can perform it from the boot menu or from within the Android OS.

From boot menu

1. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

2. When the Factory Hard Reset screen appears, release the buttons.

3. Press the Power button, then press Power again to confirm your selection.

Be patient as the phone performs all steps and restarts.

From Android OS

1. Select Settings > Storage > Factory data reset.

2. Check the Erase internal memory box if you wish to delete personal data like music and photos.

3. Tap Reset phone > Erase everything.


  1. annette says

    My phone is so frozen that I can’t type my password so I restart it over so noe it won’t let me do anything

  2. Kylie says

    Thank you for including “With the phone powered off…” I’ve been sitting here for a good 30 min wondering why I didn’t see the options. Then I saw your instructions and it was all so clear!

  3. Fred says

    I have a LG GT505, and I tried this key combination however it is stuck in a blank screen for about half and hour now. how long must this take. or is there a different combination for this one??? thnx

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