Kindle: How to Transfer Files

How to transfer music or books to your Kindle device.

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer. It will be available as a drive under My Computer for Windows users or in the Finder for Mac.

2. There are 3 folders on the device:

  • Documents – Digital reading materials. Newspapers, books, etc.
  • Audible – Audiobooks.
  • Music – MP3 files.

Copy your files to their respective folders to transfer them to the device. The Kindle supports these file formats:

  • Kindle (.AZW)
  • Text (.TXT)
  • Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI, .PRC)
  • Audible (.AA)
  • MP3 (.MP3)


  1. Aruna says

    even when I connect my Kindle to the computer, it does not show as a drive?

    What do I do? and how do I transfer or copy my files to Kindle?

    Pl. help

  2. Dave L says

    Hi, When I connect my kindle to my laptop I can see the device but when I look in the device there are no folders available yet I definetly have books on the Kindle. Can you help ?

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