Kindle Fire: How to Enable or Disable Flash In the Browser

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet comes with Adobe Flash integrated into the default web browser. There is no way to uninstall the actual Flash application, but you can enable, disable or enable it on demand using the plug-ins setting in the browser.

1. Open the web browser.

2. Tap the Menu button and select Settings.

Kindle Fire Browser menu and settings buttons

3. Scroll down and tap the Enable plug-ins option.

Kindle Fire Browser plug-ins setting

4. Set the setting to Always on to have Flash elements always load when available on a web page. Select Off to disable Flash. Choose On demand if you want to choose the Flash elements that load individually.

Kindle Fire setting to turn plug-ins on and off

When you select On demand, Flash and plug-in elements will appear with an downward pointing arrow icon. You can tap this icon to load elements on the page that require Flash or a plug-in to function.

Flash on demand

Note: This tutorial was written for the original Kindle Fire. The newer versions don’t have this setting. Since I don’t own a newer Kindle Fire, I’m curious if installing the Flash APK file will do the trick. Maybe somebody can try it and let me know if it works in the comments section.



  1. brenden says

    I don’t have a kindle fire hd just a kindle fire so what the crap I’ve been trying for a week and I can’t watch YouTube which is the only reason I use my kindle

  2. natalie says

    ok, was able to do the workarounds and have adobe flash 11.1 on my kindle fire hd with Dolphin, but when i go to a site requiring i get only the down arrow and when i tap a blue tiny box but no video!!! Can anyone help? Dolphin and adobe are installed properly- is there a plugin? and how do I get and download on the fire hd?

  3. Aly says

    Someone suggested that I go to Flash Player archive and download Flash Player based on the system version. So I downloaded Flash Player 11.1 for the Kindle Fire HD. I didn’t notice a change right away but after restarting my kindle I am able to stream videos requiring flash in silk now.

  4. Mike says

    just bought a Kindle Fire HD, but it doesn’ t have flash. very disappointing. apps available for it are limited. recommend buying a real tablet like Asus TF301 or iPad instead.

  5. Christina Donahue says

    Craig is correct!! There is NO option for this on my Kindle Fire either!! Someone fix this situation, because I cannot view content on some web pages without the plugin!!!

  6. Craig says

    My Kindle Fire does not have the option to Enable Plug-Ins or Enable Flash under the Settings tab. I’m in “Silk Settings”.. is that the right place to be looking?

  7. steph says

    I just got the kindle fire. i read this hoping that it would help but i did all the steps and saw that there is no “enable plug ins” in my settings menu…this really sucks. help me?

  8. Shazonna says

    I cant play my games on facebook, it States to install flash player. I have my flash player enabled on my kindle fire-always on- still cant play. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  9. cheryl patterson says

    my kindle fire hd settings doesn’t have enable flash. It wouldn’t allow a flash app work either.

  10. Lynn says

    This was the most helpful site I could find. After 2 hours you provided the answer I needed. It works great. Thank You!!!

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