Kindle Fire: How to Change Stored Email Password

If you’ve changed the password for an email account you use on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, message sending and retrieval will fail. You’ll have to change the password stored on the device too. Here’s how.

1. From the home screen, select Apps > Email.

2. From the list of messages Menu > Settings.

Kindle Fire email settings button

3. You’ll have to change the password under the Incoming server and Outgoing server options.

Kindle Fire Incoming and Outgoing server setting options

Kindle Fire Change email server password

4. Once you have changed the password under each option, tap Next and the password will be stored.


  1. Floy Ann Montee says

    I needed to change my password on my old and new Kindle… wow! your directions worked for both and I usually have my daughter do it all for me… she just sent me the right address. Thank you so much… I am in my 80’s so you know my “problem” ha!! Floy Ann

  2. ron firgens says

    If I change the password on my Kindle Fire will it in turn change my laptop access password?

  3. Cathy J says

    I just used the instructions above. I thought it didn’t work, so shut down the Kindle and opened again and everything was fine.

  4. josephine curzake says

    This session was of no help to me. I do not think I should be charged.
    I went to Kindle phone support and they walked me thru to solve my problem.

  5. Terrie says

    Thanks so much. This was a snap and I am the least tech savvy person in the world.

  6. Iris says

    There is no outgoing server setting for gmail. I changed the PW for the incoming server, but I keep getting an error message “unable to open server connection due to security error (Iris’ gmail)”. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  7. Sharilyn65 says

    Just changed my yahoo pw on my kindle fire…no problem at all, once I found and read the above instructions.

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