Kindle Fire: How to Bookmark Pages

Don’t get lost when reading that favorite novel and learn how to bookmark pages to your books on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Note: Books in other formats like PDF and TXT that are read under the Docs menu cannot be bookmarked.

Adding a bookmark

1. While reading a book, tap the screen once so that the top and bottom frames appear. You will see a faint bookmark icon also appear in the upper-right corner.

Kindle Fire add bookmark to book step 1

2. Tap the bookmark icon and it will turn blue in color. The page is officially bookmarked.

Kindle Fire add bookmark to book step 2



Accessing saved bookmarks

1. While reading a book, tap the screen once to bring up the menu bars, then tap theĀ Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Kindle Fire book menu button

2. Your list of books will be in the My Notes & Marks section. Tap one to be taken to the bookmarked page.

Kindle Fire list of book bookmarks



Deleting bookmarks

1. Access your saved bookmarks using the steps above (Menu button).

2. Tap and hold the bookmark you wish to delete until a menu appears, then tap Delete.

Kindle Fire delete book bookmark


  1. Sol says

    Thx to those leaving this valuable information. I have two children and needed a way to find my place. Once leaving a bookmark, “notes” is where you can go to your bookmarked page. Thx again, very helpful.

  2. Debra says

    this was making me crazy but my hubby figured it out. As for the Kindle Fire HD….a bookmark is literally inside a book (tap top of screen, notes and they are all there – can be used for multiple users). As far as websites the language is “favorite” – not a bookmark. Tap onto the page and “save to favorite”…. to find your favorties (websites) click the star on bottom right.

  3. Linda says

    I finally figured it out. Maybe the process is different for the HD version ??? If so, please feel free to delete the first comment I posted. For the HD, if you tap on the screen and then tap on “Notes” at the top of the screen, all of your bookmarks (and notes) will pop up!

  4. Brian Harper says

    Absolutely NOTHING happens when the screen is tapped!?
    The instructions say the same but Ive tried all ways bar jumping on the flaming thing but the screen doesn’t alter.

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