Kindle Fire: How to Add Notes and Highlight Text in a Book

You can add notes and highlight text in the books on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet just like you can in a physical book.

1. Tap and hold the first word in the text you wish to add a note to or highlight. It should become selected and you can drag your finger across additional text.

Kindle Fire selecting text in a book

2. Once you have selected the text, let go and a menu should appear where you can select Note or Highlight.

Kindle Fire Note and Highlight options

3. If you selected Note, a window will appear where you can type your note. Tap Save when you’re finished.

Kindle Fire adding a note

4. Highlighted text and notes can be quickly accessed by pressing Menu.

Kindle Fire book menu button


Kindle Fire access notes and highlights


  1. Teri says

    I am trying to write notes on a kindle book on my ipad but see tool bar for notes, highlights
    …nothing…can you not do this using kindle on an ipad?

  2. clan says

    Thank you. After adding notes/highlights, the next step is to find out and access the notes and highlights, which has bothered me long since Kindle does not support the notes and highlights export.

    Add evernote plugin to your browser and go to, you can easily export the stuff, which is what I am using :)

    Hope this help you guys.

  3. cassandra says

    I just purchased my Kindle Fire and was trying to highlight things in a magazine. Much to my surprise, everytime I did what they said to highlight (magnify, then let go), I only received the option of Search/wikipedia/web. Frustrating! Then I stumbled upon your page, and noticed “book”. So, apparently, you cannot highlight all the things, just things in books? Do you know of a way I can highlight text in magazine? I appreciate your time.

  4. Salma says

    How can I transfer highlighted text and notes from Kindle touch to my mac?

    When I connected the Kindle to my computer I have a list of files, which one do I click.
    Tried a couple but they are googlegoo

  5. Michele says

    When I try to drag or scroll across the page to hilight, the page keeps truning. How can I avoid this problem?

  6. Waleed Eissa says

    “How do you highlight a passage that starts on one page and ends on another? I’m finding it impossible to do.”

    For those who have Kindle Touch, like me, and want to highlight text across multiple pages. When you highlight the text, move your finger to the bottom of the page and wait for a sec, it will automatically move to the next page. Move your finger to the bottom *right* of the page so you can move to the next page. Needless to say you must keep your finger on the screen until you highlight all the text that you want to highlight.

  7. Connie says

    Thank you for showing this with screen shots. I finally get it! I have been trying to figure this out since Christmas. I couldn’t find these instructions on the Kindle and it takes me so long to type using the keyboard to search the Kindle help documentation on the device. What I would like have my library on the Kindle and take notes and have a note taking scheme and have the ability to search across all my notes in ALL my books to find my resources. Does anyone know if this capability exists? For example think of a term paper and all the references you could search across books to find notes related to a topic. Can you search across book text? In other words, is there anything like Microsoft Search in a file folder for any document containing a certain word. Thank you in advance.

  8. eric says

    If you have a usb cable you CAN copy the “notes.txt” (whatever it’s called) file to your computer and print or edit.

  9. Chris says

    Now that this is a tablet, is Amazon going to allow folks to use a stylus (or finger) to hand write notes on the margins or highlight pages with a marker? This would be a great app for those of us too impatient to be typing.

  10. Mitch says

    No, but you can access the book and the highlights within from on your computer. That’s the best I could come up with.

  11. Jason says

    Is there a way to access all of your highlights in one place and then export the file to your computer or into the cloud?

  12. Mitch says

    Gee, I can’t do that either. I would suggest adjusting the font size to a smaller type, then it may fit what you need to highlight. Otherwise, I can’t figure it out either.

  13. Eddie VanArsdall says

    How do you highlight a passage that starts on one page and ends on another? I’m finding it impossible to do.

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