Kindle Fire: How to Add and Remove Email Accounts

Access and manage your email right from your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Here’s how to add and remove email accounts.

Adding an email account

1. Open Email under the Apps list. If you haven’t setup an email account yet, tap Start and you will be prompted to select an email provider. If you have already setup an email account, you will have to select Menu > Add account.

Kindle Fire add email account

2. Choose the email provider. In this example we will use Yahoo as an example. If your email provider is not listed, select Other. You will need to obtain the POP3 or IMAP server settings from your email provider.

Kindle Fire select email provider

3. Type your username and password, then tap Next. If you selected Other in step 2, you will need to type your entire email address and password.

Kindle Fire email setup username and password

4. The settings for the listed email providers will automatically be detected, and your email account will be setup. You can then type a name to be used when you send messages and an account name. If you selected Other in step 2, you will need to enter your Incoming server settings obtained from your provider. Tap Next, then enter your Outgoing server settings, also obtained from your provider. Tap Next and you will then be prompted for how often you’d like the Kindle Fire to check your email. Make a selection, then tap Next. Tap View your inbox and the email account is added.

Kindle Fire email account details


Deleting an email account

1. Open the Email app.

2. Tap Menu > Accounts.

Kindle Fire Email Accounts selection

3. Tap and hold the email account you wish to remove until a menu appears.

4. Tap Remove account and the account will be deleted.

Kindle Fire remove email account option



  1. May brooks says

    Would like to give my kindle fire to my son to allow him to Skype how can I stop my e mails going to the kindle.Regards

  2. Ray says

    I set up my new Kindle Fire HDX yesterday. I typed in my wireless access key. A few minutes later I checked my emails. No problem there. However, I can’t delete any of my emails!! How can I resolve this? Any comments and help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Judy says

    If I delete my email from my kindle device does it take it off my pc. I Want to keep it on my pc …roadrunner does not sync with my home pc so I am deleting from both I thought maybe to just use home pc for email

  4. sijo says

    Here are the steps to remove the account from kindle fire 2nd generation”
    1.From home screen, tap Apps.
    2.Tap Email.
    3.Tap menu icon (3 horizontal lines on top left side of the screen)
    4.Tap settings (Gear like icon)
    5.Tap the desired account.
    6.Scroll down then tap on remove account.
    7.Tap on Ok
    It’s done!!

  5. john says

    I have several email addresses.

    Setting up the first address on my shiny new toy was straightforward and it behaves acceptably now I’ve gotten my head round the keyboard routine. But….

    If I set up a second address, the inbox for that new address appears and I cannot find a way to select the other address and view its inbox unless I delete the ‘new’ one. Without the ability to select the account to be displayed, the ability to load multiple accounts seems pointless.

    What am I missing?

  6. jrrjgr says

    trying to find out how to add sender to contacts when i receive emails. also tryoing to be able to add pictures sent via email to kindle.

  7. chris says

    How do i un -unify my email account. Recently it became unified and is robbing emails from my aol account on my desktop. I no longrr get my emails on my desktop. They only appear on my kindle.

  8. Don says

    I cannot delete my aol account on my kindle and it will not let me open it. I used your procedures for deleting but it will not open a box where I can delete the account.

  9. Kim says

    I have an e-mail account that I let expire. Now I can’t delete it from my kindle fire. I have followed the steps you outlined, but it didn’t work. maybe because that e-mail account has expired?

  10. Joan says

    Thank you so much for showing me exactly how to delete my email account from my Kindle Fire. After adding an already existing account from my PC, I realized this was not what I should have done, nor was it what I really wanted. I wasn’t sure if I could even remove it and decided that if I could, that it would probably be very complicated. I did a search and found you which was definitely a “Blessing” for your instructions were very simple, easy to follow, and very quick to delete the email. Needless to say, I’m a very “Happy Camper”!! Thank you again, so much!!

  11. Shobhana says

    How can I log out of an email account on Kindle Fire?

    This is the most frustrating electronic machine I have ever used.

  12. Kimberly Metcalf says

    I changed my password on my aol account. Now, when I try to access my email on my Kindle, I am unable to login to my account. How do I change my password on my Kindle aol?

  13. George says

    I have established an aol email account but can not seem to send or receive any email The email account is working on another device. What step am I missing?

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