Kindle Fire: Add/Delete Bookmarks For Web Pages

Add or remove a bookmark to a web page in the Amazon Kindle Fire web browser and easily access the websites you need.

Adding a bookmark

1. Open the web browser and visit the website you would like to bookmark.

2. Tap the bookmark icon toward the lower-right area of the screen.

Kindle Fire TP website

3. Tap the icon with the plus sign.

Kindle Fire bookmark

4. Edit the website details if you like, then tap OK. The bookmark is then saved to the list.

Kindle Fire add bookmark details

If you need to access the bookmark, you can tap the same icon as in step 2 above.


Deleting a bookmark

1. Tap the bookmark icon.

Kindle Fire TP website

2. Tap and hold the bookmark you wish to remove until a menu appears, then tap Delete.

Kindle Fire delete bookmark


  1. Kim says

    How do I get saved bookmarks to stop coming back after I have deleted them? Aggravating!!!

  2. Tariq says

    I have had my kindle fire for about a year and I saved stupid bookmarks, but now I want all of them deleted but they keep coming back. How do you erase them permanently?

  3. Joan says

    I have a Kindle Fire and have a load of tabs open and would like to delete them. I do not know how to proceed. How to you get rid of them?

  4. Joe says

    I’m trying to delete a bookmark but it will just come back later once I hold it and press delete. I need help.

  5. Robin Messenheimer says

    That works – but then the ones that Amazon put on there come back, sometimes within hours. Do you have any idea how to keep that from happening?

  6. Kathleen says

    How do you stop the kindle from adding web pages? I do not mean history. I mean under the ‘web’ link?

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