iTunes: Reset Plays Count Counter

You may want to reset the Plays counter column on a music file that keeps track of how many times you play a file in Apple iTunes. Here’s how:

If you wish to reset the play count for one song, simply right-click(Windows)/CTRL-click (Mac) the entry in iTunes, and select Reset Plays. Click  on the dialog that appears.

iTunes reset plays option

You can also perform this action on multiple files by using the CTRL buttons to highlight more than one file, the right-click on one of them. Selecting Reset Plays then will reset them all.
For all music files, use Edit > Select All then right-click(Windows)/CTRL-click (Mac) and select Reset Plays.


  1. not important says

    Is there a way to reset all your songs at the same time?
    Btw Lovely to see those Bon Jovi songs <3

  2. CJ says

    When using a single button Mac, try holding the “Control” key down and then hold the mouse button down. This will give you the contextual menu drop down anywhere there is one. Whenever a program calls for the right click, use “control + click”. Standard Macintosh operation, even when you do have a two button mouse.

    This might be late, but it will give the response the original poster was looking for.

  3. Paul says

    I read your response about resetting the play count on iTunes – right-clicking and selecting ‘reset…’ I use a MacBook, and it doesn’t have a left/right mouse button, just a touch pad with a single ‘select’ button beneath it. How would I reset the play count on this computer?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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